The unbearable lightness of opening (and closing)

Thanks to SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS, lift systems glide open at a single touch on fronts. Even large and heavy fronts open with gravity-defying ease. And they close again just as easily. Just press the switch which is within easy reach on the face of the cabinet and they close softly and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION.

Product advantages

Easy access

Wall cabinets open up and out of the user’s way, providing easy access to cabinet interiors.

Collision prevention feature

SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS is completely safe. The opening and closing action are automatically stopped as soon as the front touches a part of the body or an object.

Manual operation

The lift system can be opened or closed by hand at any time although an electrical motion support system is in place. This will not damage SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS in any way.


SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS can also be easily deactivated - preferably via a switched outlet. This is an advantage when, for example, cleaning fronts.

SERVO-DRIVE components

After assembling the AVENTOS lift system, simply attach the individual SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS components to the lift mechanism and cabinet.

Drive unit

The same drive unit can be used for AVENTOS HF, HS and HL. It is simply clipped onto the lift mechanism without tools.

Cover cap

A special cover cap is required to cover the lift mechanism and drive unit on the left side.

Distance bumpers

Distance bumpers provide the required trigger path of 2 mm.


Cabling is completed in just a few steps. Thanks to piercing technology, cabling is very flexible. It can be easily adapted to individual space requirements.

Drive unit for AVENTOS HK top

The drive unit is attached to the lift mechanism without tools. Colour signals guide you through the start-up step-by-step.


This switch is pressed into the pie cut drilling on both cabinet sides. The SERVO-DRIVE switch communicates wirelessly with the drive unit.

Transformer and transformer unit housing

The Blum transformer can be used worldwide. It converts the country-specific mains voltage to 24 V direct current. You must use a cable with a country-specific plug to suit the installation location. The transformer unit housing ensures sufficient air circulation.