A plus for waste bin pull-outs

We all know the feeling. You want to throw away kitchen waste but you can’t open the pull-out because your hands are full. No problem with SERVO-DRIVE uno. A single touch suffices and pull-outs open automatically. Fronts stay clean and the waste goes in the bin

Product advantages

Supreme opening ease

SERVO-DRIVE uno has an electric drive that triggers an opening signal. Pull-outs with and without handles open with supreme ease with SERVO-DRIVE uno. Pull-outs run freely so they can be stopped in any position.

Fast and simple assembly

Blum offers a pre-assembled set for every type of application. Whether a bottom mount or top mount waste bin solution – SERVO-DRIVE uno can be installed in a flash.

Safety down to the very last detail

Safety under the sink thanks to integrated drip protection feature.

Safety first

SERVO-DRIVE uno is a responsive system.The opening action will stop as soon as it feels any resistance.

Integrated lean protection

The integrated lean protection feature stops accidental opening. So you can lean against fronts without worry.


SERVO-DRIVE uno is available for bottom and top mount waste bin solutions.