The ultimate solution for larder units

If you want a larder unit that offers plenty of storage space, whose inner pull-outs can be designed individually and that gives you easy access to items from all three sides, then you’ll like SPACE TOWER. This is the convenient and ergonomic way to store food.

For easy, all-round access

The SPACE TOWER has full extensions that give you clear visibility and easy access to provisions from all three sides (left, right and even the front).

Flexible design

The SPACE TOWER larder unit comes in all heights, widths and depths and can be tailored to your individual storage space needs.

Removal from above

Each pull-out gives you clear visibility from above. Provisions can be found quickly and removed with ease.

Flexible interior organisation

Inner dividing systems tidy up interiors and give you clear visibility of contents. They also ensure that items don’t tip.

High load bearing capacity

Each pull-out has an impressive load bearing capacity (up to a total weight of 70 kg) so the larder unit can even safely hold heavy items such as bottles.


Clear visibility of storage items

This SPACE TOWER larder unit equipped with LEGRABOX free and practical glass design elements gives you clear visibility of all storage items.

Making optimal use of storage space

This SPACE TOWER larder unit equipped with TANDEMBOX antaro is spacious enough to keep provisions for the whole family together and clearly organised.

SPACE TOWER in bedrooms

SPACE TOWER provides ample storage space and easy access to contents, making it ideal for bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms, too. Equipped with LEGRABOX free in orion grey

SPACE TOWER in bathrooms

Toiletries in bathrooms are kept nice and tidy and are immediately to hand. The larder unit equipped with LEGRABOX pure in silk white

Provisions are beautifully organised

The SPACE TOWER larder unit makes everyday kitchen use easier by providing easy access and enhanced user convenience. Here with TANDEMBOX

Slimline design in kitchens

Even smaller models of the SPACE TOWER larder unit can accommodate large amounts of food.


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