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What are Blum’s E-SERVICES?

Our digital offerings for customers and partners! Online. Up to date. Available around the clock.

You will find an overview of our services here. Guest users will be able to access a basic range of E-SERVICES. To gain access to the full range of services, please register online to obtain your personal customer login.

Please note:
Should the E-SERVICE you require not appear in your personal login area, please contact your contact partner.

How do I get my personal E-SERVICES login?

Just register here free of charge. Or ask your Blum contact for personal access data.

How do I request the E-SERVICES application I require?

Ask your Blum contact. He will unlock the application for you.

What E-SERVICES does Blum offer?

You will find a list of the services available in the ‘Overview’ of Blum services.

All electronic applications have been labelled ‘E-SERVICE’.

Where can I get marketing material such as images, videos and brochures about Blum products?

In our Marketing Media Library.

This is where you will find professional photos, product and assembly videos, flyers and brochures, assembly instructions, operating instructions, technical data sheets, logos, presentations, certificates, information about displays and models and marketing tools for showroom kitchens.

You will also find many marketing materials in the Marketing Media Library on our website.

Where can I find the EASY ASSEMBLY app?

Our EASY ASSEMBLY app can be downloaded free of charge from any Appstore or Playstore (iOS and Android). You will find more information about our app here and in our EASY ASSEMBLY blog.

As a direct customer of Blum, where can I find information about my orders 24/7?

As a direct customer of Blum, our E-SERVICES application Order Management will give you a clear overview of all order-related data and documents - from order entry to delivery. This information is available around the clock.

As a direct customer of Blum, how can I place orders and track the status of existing orders 24/7?

Direct customers can use our practical E-SERVICES application Order Management to enter orders themselves, track the status of their orders, access order, customs and invoice documents and directly contact their Blum contact if required.

I’m looking for comprehensive tender documentation so that I can put projects out to tender. Where can I find this information?

We support you with planning, help you implement your furniture ideas and provide tendering support in our section Services for interior designers.


Does Blum have a showroom in Hong Kong?

Yes we do! You are welcome to come by and experience our products by yourself. To see why our products are so popular and how they are different from others you have to try it out by yourself! Our colleagues will happily advise you and answer all of your questions.

Blum HK Showroom address:
21/F, 208 Johnston Road , Wanchai, Hong Kong

Working Hours:
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm , Lunch Time: 12pm - 1pm (closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

Where can I buy Blum products?

There are several ways how you can buy our products. You can either purchase from us with a minimum order amount of HK$ 10,000, or you can visit and buy directly from our dealers.

Blum HK Showroom :
21/F, 208 Johnston Road , Wanchai, Hong Kong (SAR, CHINA)

Distributors Hong Kong:
Affluence Decorative Material Co. Ltd.
Shop 1, G/F., Wah Hing Commercial Bldg., 279-283 Lockhart Road WAN CHAI (SAR, CHINA)

Roxy Development Co Ltd.
Unit 1105-1106, 11/F, Sunbeam Plaza, 1155 Canton Road, MONGKOK, HONG KONG (SAR, CHINA)

Where are Blum products produced?

Our products are produced in our own 8 plants in own 8 plants in Austria.

How can I find the right product for me?

If you do not have an interior designer or a kitchen studio to advise you, we are happy to invite you to our showroom where you can see all the different options Blum has for you. There are solutions for almost every type of furniture and also for different budgets available. Come and try out what a difference a Blum product makes by yourself!

Why should you buy Blum?

The most important reason is the quality of our products! All of them are produced in Austria and we guarantee you that they will last for the lifetime of your furniture! We test all our products extensively and continuously to make sure they all adhere to our high standards.

Another reason why you should be from us is the service that we promise to give you. We will do everything we can to give you honest advice and help you find the product that is right for you. Even after you bought from us we will be happy to help you with any question or problem that you have!


Do you have any price list?

Yes, we do! Please click here for the Pricing Reference Guide.
Alternatively you could get a quote from one of our dealers.

Any discount for decoration or interior design companies?

If you are a company that works in a relevant field like interior design, architecture, construction, renovation or something similar you can open an account with us. Just send us your Business registration and a copy of your name card and we will open an account for you. After this you will be able to get a discount for every future order!


Do you have any product catalogue or order manual?

What is the ordering process and lead time?

After you tell us what you want to order by filling in our order form and sending it back to us, we will send you an Invoice. Once you settle the payment we will immedeately send out the goods if we have them on stock. You should have them within 7 working days! If we do not have the products you would like to buy on stock, we would contact you and discuss the best way for you to get them. The worst case would be that we have to order it from our headquarters in Austria. This could take up to 3 months by seafreight.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by telegraphic transfer with your business account. Just send us the receipt of your bank transfer and we can confirm your order.

The payer of the payment supporting documents should match with the one who placed the orders.

Do you have a minimum order value?

Yes. we do have a minimum order value, all orders carry a minimum order value of HK$10,000.

For small orders, you can go and visit one of our distributors.

Do I need to have a direct customer account to order from Blum Hong Kong?

Yes you do – If you are a company that works in a relevant field like interior design, architecture, construction, renovation or something similar you can open an account with us. Just send us your Business registration and a copy of your name card and we will open an account for you.

Otherwise you can go to one of our distributors to buy Blum products if you do not have a customer account.

Delivery Arrangement

Can you deliver the goods to me?

If you order for HK$10,000 or more or more, we will deliver to you for free!

- delivery services excluding outlying islands, Tai O, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay and the restricted area where a valid permit needed.
- unloading at slope or deliver to the place with no lift to the direct floor, extra charges may be needed.
- delivery will be suspended under bad weather conditions, such as typhoon no. 8 is hoisted or a black rainstorm warning is in effect.

Will Blum HK provide delivery services to Mainland-China?

No, all orders destined for Mainland-China are handled by Blum China. Their contacts can be found here or you can ask your contact at Blum HK for details. We are happy to give you a direct contact that will help you!


Can I order kitchens or other furniture from Blum directly?

No, Blum produces the hardware only, we do not provide any kitchens or other furniture. If you would like to know some good kitchen studios or furniture makers, we are happy to provide you with some names!

Can Blum help me to install the products?

No, Blum offers furniture hardware only, and does not provide any installation or repairing services.

We offer free installation training courses for carpenters, interior design or decoration companies, please contact Blum HK for details. We urge you to make sure that your installer has been doing the free installation course at Blum HK to make sure you get the best quality for your furniture!

Any recommended kitchen studios or carpenters?

Please just ask us and we are happy to help. We have an up to date list with carpenters that finished the free installation trainings with us. A list of kitchen studios that uses our products and that we fully recommend is also available!

Where can I find the videos about the installation of your products?

There are various ways. You can download our EASY ASSEMBLY App here. You can find everything that you need with regards to the installation of our products there.

Another option is to visit our Youtube channel. We try to put videos that are useful there. If there is something that you are missing, please leave us a comment and we will try to make a video!

As always you can also just contact us directly by and we will try to help you as soon as possible.


Do you have any warranty services?

Yes, we provide warranty services for SERVO-DRIVE components (the drive unit and transformer).

How long do we warrant the function of SERVO-DRIVE?

(1). For all Blum-supplied SERVO-DRIVE components, we warrant the function for a period of 5 years, provided that the components are applied for their intended use.

(2). The warranty period starts on the date of despatch by Blum to you.

When do you qualify for the warranty?

(1). You are the original purchaser of the SERVO-DRIVE components from Blum.

(2). You have installed SERVO-DRIVE components exclusively in combination with Blum fitting systems.

(3). To qualify for a claim under this warranty, you must provide Blum with the batch number of the defective part(s) and the invoice number(s). (if the components are supplied by kitchen studio or furniture maker, please provide their contact details and purchasing date for our reference).

(4). All parts claimed to be defective must be unmodified Blum original parts.

What does the warranty provide?

The warranty only provides replacement of the defective part(s).

What does the warranty not cover?

(1). Improper assembly or installation, e.g. non-compliance with Blum installation instructions.

(2). Improper use as well as improper operation or excessive load and/or use.

(3). Moldified components, unsuitable operating conditions and improper unkeep/maintenance.

(4). External causes, for example, transport damage, damage caused in the course of processing/assembly, storage, damage due to atmospheric conditions and/or other natural events and acts of God.

(5). Removal or modification of the serial tags and/or part batch numbers; repairs to or interference with components.

What else do you need to keep in mind?

In the case of a warranty claim, Blum has the right to request all replaced parts for the purposes of product monitoring and error analysis.


Can you show me how to install Blum products properly so I get the best out of them?

Yes we can! Blum HK offers free installation courses for construction and/or interior design industries. After discussing your needs, we will create an efficient training course for you!

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