Templates and jigs

Simple and precise transfer of measurements

Tried and tested in everyday applications, Blum’s templates and jigs facilitate the assembly of all of Blum’s products. They are a perfect combination of high precision and practical value which is greatly appreciated both in workshops and directly on site.

Pull-out system assembly

Robust tools provide all-round support for the assembly of fronts, cabinets and drawers. You can use our universal drilling template to precisely mark and pre-drill fixing positions.

Hinge system assembly

Our drilling template for hinges allows you to accurately transfer the fixing positions for mounting plates or hinges and efficiently drill Blum hinge drilling patterns.

Lift system assembly

Assembly devices such as the universal rod template are easy to use and can be adapted to your assembly requirements. Fixing positions for lift systems are pre-drilled in no time at all, and measurements are transferred accurately.

The right assembly device for your needs

Our Selector will show you which assembly device best meets your requirements. Whether AVENTOS, CLIP top BLUMOTION or LEGRABOX - Blum’s assembly devices ensure precise assembly and function of all of our products.

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