Order Management

Order entry for direct customers

Our order management service is a useful online tool. You can use it to enter your orders, send them directly to Blum and check up on status right from the start of the ordering process.

We would be glad to enhance our order management support by building an electronic data interchange (EDI) system - using standardised interfaces, e.g. for orders and invoices or to accelerate the interchange of inventory and demand information.

Ready to go?


Advantages for our direct customers

  • Clear overview of all order-related data - from order intake to delivery

  • Secure access to important documents such as orders and invoices, shipping and customs papers

  • Comprehensive statistics on all orders

  • Up-to-date master data including all logistical parameters and dimensions can be displayed whenever required

  • Links to external partners and possibility to track consignments, especially courier and express service providers as well as ocean freight

Content and features at a glance


Details about your order, such as Blum’s prices and terms and conditions can be displayed, downloaded and printed at any time.


Delivery statistics give you exact information about what you ordered, when you placed your order and what quantity you ordered.

The details page gives you additional information about the product you have ordered.


The application allows you to directly contact your Blum contact if you have any questions regarding your order.

Your contact

If you have any questions about this service, please get in touch with your Blum contact or use the following contact form.