Our hinge range at a glance

Blum's wide range of hinges gives you the right solution for almost every application. Blum hinges bring elegance in motion and soft and effortless closing to every door.

Overview of product range

Standard applications

Hinges for standard applications with front thicknesses of up to 24 mm

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Wide angled applications

Hinges for cabinets with large opening angles, pull-out shelves and inner pull-outs

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Profile door applications with 0-protrusion

Hinges for thick doors

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Profile door applications

Hinges for thick doors and profile/thick doors

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Blind corner applications

Hinges for inset or overlay blind corner applications

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Aluminium frame door applications

Hinges for doors with narrow aluminium frames

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Applications for thin doors

Hinges for thin doors from 8 mm

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Angled applications

Hinges for cabinets with angles of -50° to +50°

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Glass and mirror applications

CRISTALLO hinges for glass and mirror doors

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Applications for glass display cabinets

CRISTALLO hinges for glass display cabinets

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Mirror applications with fronts that extend beyond the cabinet edge

Hinges for bathroom mirror cabinets with fronts that extend beyond the edge of the cabinet on all four sides

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Applications for inward-opening furniture doors

Hinges for the construction of cabinets with inward-opening doors

Motion technology

Mounting plates and accessories

Mounting plates

Horizontal or cruciform mounting plates for various applications

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Hinge arm cover caps

With or without branding for different hinge types

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Hinge boss cover caps

For various screw-on and knock-in hinges

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