Pull-out shelf lock

Secure hold for pull-out shelves

Quality of living is not only determined by design but also by convenience. That is why we have developed a practical lock-open stop for our MOVENTO and TANDEM pull-out shelves. The discreet and space-saving mechanism securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place.

Versatile applications

Be it in kitchens, bathrooms, living or utility rooms, pull-out shelves stay securely open where they are needed thanks to the lock-open stop. Add top quality motion and enhanced ease of use to your pull-out shelves by equipping them with our motion technologies such as BLUMOTION, TIP-ON BLUMOTION and TIP-ON.

Easy to use and secure

The locking mechanism engages securely on both sides when the pull-out shelf is fully extended and holds firmly in place. It can be easily released with one hand thanks to a synchronisation linkage. To unlock, simply lift the lever.

Case studies

Make your life easier with clever applications

Everything is cleared away in no time if you can put your laundry basket right next to the washing machine. And the pull-out shelf is held securely in place for as long as you need it.

Optimise everyday kitchen use

The pull-out shelf is locked securely in position in kitchens. It will not wobble nor will it slide back into the cabinet – even if kitchen gadgets are used on it.

Extra space for documents

Every inch counts in a home office. A pull-out shelf with a lock-open stop can come in really handy. It's ideal for placing any documents you need to reference while working. Unlock the pull-out shelf with one hand and it disappears into the furniture.

Create your own home bar

No spillage or wobbling: the pull-out shelf lock in your home bar provides a secure hold, so there's nothing stopping you from mixing up a nice cocktail.


Order the pull-out shelf lock to go with your runner system. The synchronisation linkage can be cut to the pull-out shelf width.

Easy installation

You can upgrade your pull-out shelf with a pull-out shelf lock in just a few steps.

Attach the locking units to the synchronisation linkage.

Position units flush against the pull-out shelf using the positioning guide and screw on.

Attach latching elements to the runners using chipboard or system screws.