Design and Furniture Trends

Blum’s fittings solutions support many design trends.

Furniture should look good and suit personal styles. Designs and customers’ wishes are frequently based on the latest trends. Blum’s fittings systems allow you to implement these furniture trends and create personalised solutions.

Design and function

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Handle-less furniture

Minimalist designs put the spotlight on the functionality of furniture. Four motion technologies for wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs open up infinite possibilities for handle-less furniture. Inspire your customers with sleek design and enhanced ease of use.

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In addition to meeting exacting design demands, SERVO-DRIVE also gives users great freedom of movement and ease of operation. The electrical opening support system is also available for individual applications on request.

Wall cabinets close at the press of an easy to reach switch

Large, heavy fronts can also be opened and closed with ease thanks to SERVO-DRIVE

Blum offers the electrical motion support system as an application for one or several pull-outs

With SERVO-DRIVE, pull-outs can also be opened with the knee

Even heavily laden pull-outs pose no problem for SERVO-DRIVE

The waste bin pull-out operates hands-free with SERVO-DRIVE

Electrical appliances are well hidden behind fronts, yet opening is still convenient with SERVO-DRIVE flex


This motion technology combines the advantages of our mechanical opening support system with those of tried and tested soft-close BLUMOTION. The TIP-ON function is activated by closing pull-outs or drawers with an energetic push. And BLUMOTION cuts in for soft and effortless closing.

TIP-ON BLUMOTION combines one-touch opening with soft and effortless closing and works on a purely mechanical basis

The drawer opens thanks to the opening support system

And closes softly and effortlessly with a gentle push

TIP-ON BLUMOTION is perfect for all living spaces


The TIP-ON mechanical opening support system also allows you to implement handle-less furniture throughout the home. It's particularly handy when your hands are full. Fronts will open at a single touch. To close, simply press shut.

Handle-less doors open with a single touch with TIP-ON, giving users easy access to the opening edge of fronts

TIP-ON also makes it easy to open wall cabinets without handles

TIP-ON can open drawers with different designs, even without handles or recessed grips

Handle-less furniture is on trend, in particular in open plan living spaces

Dark surfaces

Whether you want to achieve a harmonious balance, or create daring contrasts, with dark fittings you bring design to furniture interiors. The trend towards dark surfaces continues, and with Blum you can also apply it to your furniture creations.

With dark fronts and the right fittings, furniture units become design objects

An elegant combination: Light wood and dark surfaces produce a harmonious ensemble

Blum provides dark fittings for all applications, whether wall cabinet, pull-out or door

Box systems with dark surfaces

Dark pull-outs allow you to create a stunning interior and exterior look. The range of LEGRABOX colours and options offers you design scope for your furniture ideas.

Impressive contrast: white fronts with LEGRABOX pure in terra black matt

A dark interior with LEGRABOX in terra black matt combined with white fronts creates a monochrome look

LEGRABOX special edition in carbon look – a highlight in dark furniture

Dark hinges

Blum offers an increasing range of hinges in onyx black for a variety of different applications. They allow you to add sleek accents to light wood furniture. Or harmonise colours and bring a dark elegance to interiors.

The CLIP top BLUMOTION 155° wide angle hinge with zero protrusion in onyx black sets an accent in the wardrobe

The 155° wide angle hinge with zero protrusion in onyx black is also an elegant choice in the larder unit

Blum also provides a dark CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge for thin doors

CLIP top BLUMOTION CRISTALLO in onyx black blends harmoniously into dark glass display cabinets

Design all-rounder with integrated soft close: CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° standard application in onyx black

Dark lift systems

Blum offers a wide range of products for tall units and wall cabinets for your benefit. Cover caps for AVENTOS lift systems are now also available in dark grey, giving you complete design freedom when designing dark furniture.

AVENTOS HK top fits elegantly into the furniture thanks to its small size and dark grey cover cap.

Different front materials

Thin fronts

For your furniture design with unique fronts

Chart new territory in furniture design with different fronts. The use of natural stone, ceramic or HPL materials as furniture fronts poses no problem with the EXPANDO T fixing system. The innovative solution allows you to implement fronts with a thickness of just 8 mm and is ideal for both very hard and very soft materials. For limitless ideas.

From very soft to very hard: with EXPANDO T, furniture fronts made of exceptional materials are held securely

CLIP top BLUMOTION with integrated soft close for thin doors from 8 mm

The slim design of LEGRABOX pull-outs is accentuated to full effect by thin furniture fronts

Selected types of AVENTOS lift system can be readily implemented with the EXPANDO T fixing system

Modern minimalism thanks to thin, handle-less fronts and the AVENTOS HK top


Customised furniture design allows you to strengthen your brand. Logo placement plays an important role in this context. Blum offers you different options for greater differentiation and provides more scope for your branding. Logo prints and flexible design solutions allow highly individualised design to be carried through to interiors.

Branding elements

Your brand takes pride of place – thanks to customised branding elements

Blum provides suitable branding elements for every drawer side model

LEGRABOX pure and free design options

The question is not whether a design is possible, but rather which design is right for your brand. You're spoilt for choice with LEGRABOX.

Clear-cut, elegant design: LEGRABOX makes your furniture style unique

A wide range of colours, materials and design possibilities means you have plenty of scope to create your customised design

An individual colour and material mix that is unmistakable

High-quality LEGRABOX inner pull-outs ensure organisation and order in the wardrobe

Thanks to individual design elements, LEGRABOX free is ideal for every living area and a range of design styles

Individual design – right down to the furniture interior

Design elements can even be created using unusual materials such as leather

Front design

Large fronts, wide pull-outs

Large fronts and wide pull-outs are becoming increasingly popular. The use of new materials and different front thicknesses places new demands on furniture fittings. We ensure that Blum fittings deliver high stability and smooth running characteristics, regardless of the size and weight of the fronts.

AVENTOS fittings provide stability when lifting large and wide wall cabinet fronts

Thanks to synchronisation, even wide pull-outs do not wobble or catch

The ORGA-LINE inner dividing system can be flexibly adapted to the storage items

Double pull-outs linked by a single front run quietly and true with Blum runners

Heavily loaded? No problem thanks to Blum box systems

Create valuable storage space

Practical cabinet solutions with Blum fittings

Blum offers you concepts and the right fittings for intelligent cabinet applications that combine appealing design with functionality and additional storage space. Surprise your customers with added home comfort where they don't expect it.

SPACE TOWER – storing provisions in style

Blum has rethought the larder unit. Practical pull-outs are concealed behind a front, providing clear visibility and easy access from all sides. SPACE TOWER can be individually adapted to the needs of the user in height, width and depth. Decide for yourself which Blum box or runner system you use to create your own design and colour concept.

Be it for storing items in the kitchen or keeping board games in the living area – SPACE TOWER from Blum is the perfect, elegant storage space solution for any room

Glass design elements provide a light, clean look and clear visibility of the items inside

The SPACE TOWER design is fully customisable in terms of width, depth, height and interior equipment

When installed in the bathroom, SPACE TOWER is ideal for all cosmetics and bathroom utensils

SPACE TOWER in the bedroom keeps things neat and tidy in style

SPACE STEP – a step and storage space in one – cleverly hidden in the plinth

Offer nifty functions concealed in the furniture plinth. SPACE STEP combines a step with additional storage space without restricting the design of the plinth – be it a recessed plinth, a recessed low plinth, or a flush plinth. You can use any box and runner system from Blum for SPACE STEP, and combine it with any motion technology.

Thanks to SPACE STEP, you can plan furniture with storage space right to the ceiling

SPACE STEP is ideal for multi-generational households

The plinth solution opens and closes with ease thanks to Blum motion technologies

The plinth offers adequate storage space for those infrequently-used storage items

When stepped on, the plinth step lowers slightly and is completely stable

The plinth solution is ideal for use in any living space

SPACE STEP creates entirely new possibilities in furniture design

Sink cabinet – create functional storage space under the sink

Every inch of storage space beneath the sink counts. A U-shaped pull-out allows you to maximise the space available. Cleaning products and utensils all have their place and are accessible whenever you need them. The sink cabinet can be realised with LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX, while SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON BLUMOTION can be used to create a handle-less solution. We recommend a cabinet width from 900 mm for this functional cabinet solution.

The U-shaped sink pull-out makes the best possible use of the storage space around the sink

An inner drawer underneath provides sufficient space for additional cleaning utensils

The waste bin pull-out can be opened hands-free if fitted with SERVO-DRIVE motion technology

The sink cabinet can be realised with different box and runner systems

SPACE TWIN – the narrow cabinet that fits into the smallest gap

Don't let any space go to waste. SPACE TWIN allows you to seamlessly fill awkward gaps and create additional storage space – with complete stability and quality of motion. The narrow cabinet is suitable for a cabinet width of 150 mm or more. The space is ideal for storing chopping boards, spices or baking trays, and – thanks to a load bearing capacity of up to 20 kg – even oil and vinegar bottles pose no problem. If a full extension is used, furniture users can even reach the storage items right at the back.

SPACE TWIN can be realised with all box and runner systems and motion technologies from Blum.

The narrow cabinet stores spices, oil and vinegar right next to the hob

Be it next to the hob or at the end of an island – both are ideal locations for SPACE TWIN. Your creativity has no limits

Large fronts, wide pull-outs

Large fronts and wide pull-outs are becoming increasingly popular. The use of new materials and different front thicknesses places new demands on furniture fittings. We ensure that Blum fittings deliver high stability and smooth running action regardless of the size and weight of fronts.