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Technical Services


Technical Services is here to help you with Blum products and help wherever in the creative process you are, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Installation or Homeowner. There are so many ways to reach us, you can pick up your phone, or use our apps. You can email us or you can even send us a letter. However you try to reach us we will do our best to help.

We have other services too: we offer free in house training, a full platform of E-SERVICES and smartphone apps, we are constantly refining our offering.

Technical Helpdesk

The helpdesk can be reached by the Blum UK main phone: 01908 285700, the Technical Support hotline: 0800 2300 898, email: , postal services, or even coming into Blum UK in Milton Keynes. We can help you through installation, figure out the best product for your application, we can work with you to iron out kinks and fine tune your final installation. We can help you with your planning, review or provide CAD files and we answer all of your questions about our Lifetime Guarantee.


More questions about the assembly or adjustment of Blum fittings? We’d be glad to provide personal assistance. Our LIVE SUPPORT service offers a chat or video call feature.

Download the LIVE SUPPORT app now free of charge from the Apple App Store (for iOS) or Google Playstore (for Android) onto your smartphone or tablet!

Technical Support Hotline

Our extended hours Technical Support Hotline and the LIVE SUPPORT app are ready to support you outside of typical working hours, aiming to answer any question you have and work through your queries. We realise that in today’s busy world, normal business hours no longer apply - so our hotline will offer you 8am – 8pm support Monday to Friday and 8am – 12pm on Saturdays.

Blum Kit

Blum Jigs and assembly devices save you time whilst maintaining the accuracy of your work, with Blum Kit you can buy directly from us and browse through our range.

 Click here to check out Blum Kit

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