Product data service

Simple and intelligent hardware configuration directly in your software application

With the Product Data Service, we provide you Blum fittings data and configuration logics including a programme interface (Rest/API) as a complete package for integration into your software. Once integrated, it contains all the common Blum fittings data that the user needs. Regular updates of checked data ensure that the data is always up to date.

The continuous effort required to collect and maintain Blum product data as well as the programmatic integration can be significantly reduced in the long term with this product data service.

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Advantages for you as a software partner

  • Blum fittings can be configured by the cabinetmaker directly in their application without leaving it. This is a good additional selling point for your software.

  • easy access to the fittings data as well as the configuration rules - thus always up-to-date and error-free data. This reduces your efforts for data entry and maintenance.

  • You determine the user guidance and the type of configuration steps yourself - either "step-by-step" or via "one-click function" with suggested solutions

  • Fast implementation through extensive programme interface via Rest/API service

  • Calculation of market-specific order parts lists

Advantages for cabinetmakers

  • Direct use of extensive Blum fittings data in the familiar software

  • Avoidance of planning errors thanks to complete and Blum-approved product data

  • Optimum support from planning to data transfer to production

Main functions at a glance

Online access to all technical product data

The following data is available via the HTTP download area*:

  • Application catalogues: XML (BMECat)

  • Product features and configuration logics: XML

  • 3D-CAD: DAE, DWG, SAT, X_T

  • 3D visualisation: X3D

  • Images: JPG, PNG

Furthermore, in the API directory you will also find the corresponding JAR package for an implementation via the Rest/API.

*you will receive the required access data


Data processing via XML (BMECat) or programme interface (Rest API)

All relevant fittings data and logics are available as XML in a system-neutral form. This data is processed either

  • by your own import module or by a

  • programme interface based on Rest API

For both forms of implementation, detailed documentation is available online* or as PDF via HTTP download area*.

*you will receive the required access data


Suggested solutions with one click (based on Rest API)

With the help of the option "usePreferences", the service provides a complete, valid solution IMMEDIATELY with every click on a product system, on a possible application or on a very specific option. The functional principle can be explained most easily with the example application "OneClick-Demonstrator", which you can also try out online here*.

Please also have a look at the two video tutorials OC1 (introduction to the OneClick-behaviour) and OC2 (introduction to API-calls) an.

*Access data:

Step by step configuration (Step-by-Step-Demonstrator)

In order to test all API calls and to show you the possible configuration options for all product systems, we have developed a Step-by-Step-Demonstrator. You can try it out online here*.

Please also have a look at the video tutorial API1 (Deeper Insights into API Calls).

*Access data:

Market-specific order parts lists

After completing the configuration, a market- respectively country-specific order parts list can be calculated.

Configuration result as JSON or BXF2

The configuration result contains all references to the 3D CAD data of the fittings and their possibly required machining, the dimensions of application-specific wooden parts as well as all positions for assembly. In addition to a JSON form, this can also be output as BXF2 (Blum Exchange Format). If you have already implemented a BXF2 importer, you can transfer the complete ProDS configuration result into your application without any further effort.

Info collection for interested parties

Info collection for implementers

*you will receive the required access data
**Access data:


If you have any questions about our services or need access data, please contact

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