Hoechst, Austria | maj 2023

The compact design and integrated features of the AVENTOS top family are truly impressive

Harmonious lift system composition from Blum

Whether fold up, swing up and over, lift up or pivot up – lift systems for wall cabinets are practical and give total freedom of movement. Blum, the Hoechst-based manufacturer of fittings, offers compact AVENTOS HF top, HS top and HL top versions, as well as the existing AVENTOS HK top, to make dramatic solutions for the lift systems.


AVENTOS lift systems for wall cabinets are ergonomically advantageous and allow total freedom of movement, as well as best-possible access. Be it in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, or the hallway: Blum has different lift system types to provide the right solution for almost every installation situation to meet customers' personal requirements – whether fold up, swing up and over, lift up or pivot up. The latest generation, the AVENTOS top family, has many impressive advantages in addition to the compact design: a set fixing position for the lift mechanism and the front fixing bracket for any cabinet height, adaptive BLUMOTION adjustment, and lift mechanism adjustment from the front, even when a cover cap is fitted. All this makes it easier to manufacture and assemble AVENTOS HF top, HS top and HL top, as well as the AVENTOS HK top stay lift that is already available on the market. Cross stabilisation is no longer necessary for AVENTOS HS top, and AVENTOS HF top can be implemented up to a cabinet height of 1200 mm for even more design freedom. AVENTOS HF top and AVENTOS HK top score points for their integrated opening angle stop.

Many features, simplified assembly
There are two lift mechanism fixing methods available: an integrated positioning system or pre-mounted system screws, whichever best suits the respective production process. AVENTOS top hardly takes up any space at all, either in furniture or in the warehouse. The fittings are designed so that although manufacturers only need a few different components, they still have full control over the design. Because the lift mechanisms and levers are symmetrical in structure, they are suitable for several lift system sizes and can harmonise with all motion technologies. It is also possible to use the same cover cap for AVENTOS HF top, HS top and HL top, to ensure a consistent look with AVENTOS HK top. The minimalist design discreetly complements the furniture and has already won numerous awards. The new Blum lift systems will be available in the first markets at the end of the year.

With AVENTOS HF top, it is possible to have a worktop mounted cabinet, where the removable top section easily reveals the contents, such as electrical appliances on a pull-out shelf as shown here.

In AVENTOS HS top, the front swings up and over the cabinet. There is enough space left over for furniture designs with crown mouldings or cornices

AVENTOS HL top is suitable for creative applications, such as skilfully making the home office disappear

The integrated opening angle stop of AVENTOS HK top means that it can be used right up to the ceiling


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