ORGA-LINE for TANDEMBOXhigh fronted pull-outs

ORGA-LINE for TANDEMBOX high fronted pull-outs

A synergy of function and design

The design and colour of the inner dividing system for high fronted pull-outs match the TANDEMBOX antaro finishes. Adaptable, practical and versatile - the result is amazing organisation and easy access to interiors. Can be used for consumables, SPACE TOWER pantry, cleaning, plastics, lids, bottles and more.


  • Dividers match TANDEMBOX antaro box system
  • Cross dividers, cross gallery rails, bottle store & steel wall dividers
  • For cabinet widths of 275 - 1,200 mm
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Advantages at a glance:

  • Clear visibility and tidy interiors
  • Dividers adapt flexibly to contents
  • Easy access; contents are held firmly and will not tip

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