Hoechst, Austria | May 2019

The future of kitchens is smart

Blum presents SERVO-DRIVE smart concept study at interzum 2019

Blum will make the most of this year’s interzum in Cologne to present its SERVO-DRIVE smart concept study and show visitors how a motion support system can deliver connectivity to kitchens of tomorrow. Wall cabinets, pull-outs, dishwashers and refrigerators can be powered by voice control in the future. Simply define a scenario, for example, “Clear away the shopping” and the relevant wall cabinets and pull-outs will glide open by themselves.


Blum will present its SERVO-DRIVE smart concept study at interzum 2019 and demonstrate how wall cabinets and pull-outs, dishwashers and refrigerators can be opened and closed with simple, spoken commands. Combined with various voice assistants, new furniture concepts can be created with modern technologies that deliver enhanced convenience to users. Intelligent devices have become indispensable to everyday life, and more and more homes are becoming “smart”. Everything revolves around connecting people and the objects around them - with, for example, spoken commands. Blum has taken another pioneering step and transferred the concept to furniture with SERVO-DRIVE smart.

Simultaneous operation

SERVO-DRIVE smart brings advantages to all living areas, in particular to kitchens. The fittings specialist from Austria will show how it is possible to define various scenarios and operate several items of furniture at the same time at interzum 2019. “Alexa, clear away the shopping” will cause the pull-outs and/or cabinets required to open so that shopping items can be quickly cleared away. In combination with the CABLOXX locking system, users can create a voice-enabled child safety system. Opening the waste bin pull-out without touching it is another useful scenario. Blum will also show how the SERVO-DRIVE smart concept study can be integrated in new products. “Alexa, make me taller”, for example, prompts Blum’s SPACE STEP plinth solution to move out of the cabinet. The step is safe and secure to stand on and gives users easy access to higher storage levels. SERVO-DRIVE smart by Blum gives partners from the furniture industry the ability to implement smart concepts in kitchens and living areas throughout the home.

Furniture will open and close by itself - SERVO-DRIVE smart delivers intelligent technology to living areas throughout the home


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