Hoechst, Austria | May 2019

Inspiring customers with innovative solutions

New platform for creative furniture ideas -

Blum has launched a new online platform called Blum Inspirations, which will regularly present new ideas and concepts for innovative furniture solutions. The manufacturer of fittings from Austria would like to show its customers how creative new furniture designs can be implemented with high-quality fittings - not only in kitchens but also in living areas big and small.


If you are interested in innovative furniture solutions, check out Blum’s new platform at www.blum-​ Videos, photos and reports show how Blum’s fittings systems can be used in everyday applications. The focus is on storage space solutions - for kitchens and other living areas. The online platform also presents solutions that visitors to Blum’s stand at interzum will able to experience for themselves in a playful and intuitive way. The offering of furniture ideas will be continuously updated and will be a source of inspiration to cabinet makers, furniture manufacturers and end users. Blum sees itself as an impulse-giver and supplier of diverse furniture solutions for areas throughout the home, for small, medium-sized and large living spaces.

Sharing inspirations, enabling new ideas

The manufacturer of fittings carries out market research and uses its findings to develop innovative applications. Kitchen surveys are conducted all over the world to find out how people use their furniture and what demands are made of furniture and fittings. Through ongoing dialogue with customers and cabinet makers, distributors and industrial partners, the needs of target groups are used to shape the development of new products and services. It is very important to Blum to share its insights and inspiring furniture ideas with its customers and enable new solutions.

Blum uses new online platform, Blum Inspirations to present creative ideas


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