Hoechst, Austria | May 2019

MERIVOBOX - the new box platform by Blum

A multitude of pull-out ideas with a single box system

MERIVOBOX gives manufacturers the possibility to offer their customers a diverse pull-out range based on one box system. Closed drawer sides or gallery, continuous metal sides or design elements? You’ve got it with just one cabinet profile and the same fixing position for all applications and with just one front and the same drilling pattern for all applications. A platform concept without compromise by Blum.


Fittings manufacturer Blum will be presenting its new MERIVOBOX box system at interzum 2019 which allows you to create a broad range with just a few components. No matter which pull-out model you opt for, assembly is always simple and adjustment always the same. The new box system is based on a platform concept. At the heart of the system is the cabinet profile with one fixing position for all applications. Thanks to its special L-shape, the runner system boasts enhanced vertical stability and high load bearing capacities.

Distinctive drawer sides, standardised assembly

The box system has a distinctive drawer side design. All drawer side options have an unmistakable design element: a design line that produces beautiful light reflections on the drawer side. Maximum design potential is offered by MERIVOBOX drawer side height M - as a drawer and as a base for all modular high fronted pull-out options. The platform interface makes it easy to add a variety of accessories: gallery, gallery and design element, BOXCOVER with glass or closed metal side with BOXCAP. For those who are keen to create a sleek closed look, Blum offers MERIVOBOX pure, the monolithic high fronted pull-out option with a continuous metal drawer side.

Convincing functionality and well-thought-out assembly

Blum provides top functionality to ensure that MERIVOBOX inspires a furniture lifetime. Low-friction nylon rollers and the synchronisation of drawer profile and roller carriage runner deliver a feather-light glide. Thanks to interfaces for additional components, MERIVOBOX can also be retrofitted with motion technologies and side stabilisation at a later date. Standardised adjustment, fronts that can simply be clipped on and off, precise zero position - all these features make assembly quick and easy. The new box system simplifies furniture manufacturing and yet gives you the possibility to create a broad range of pull-outs. MERIVOBOX will be presented for the first time at interzum 2019. Blum is currently building special production facilities for the new box system.

MERIVOBOX, the new box system by Blum is unmistakable thanks to its distinctive design and broad range of options

One cabinet profile with one fixing position for all applications and many different pull-out options - a platform concept without compromise by Blum


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