Hoechst, Austria | May 2019

Giving new inspiration and enabling customers’ ideas

Blum unveils new brand promise of “moving ideas”

Blum’s new brand promise of “moving ideas” puts customers’ needs at the centre of its thinking. How are needs incorporated in product development? How can the Austrian manufacturer of fittings deliver solutions that move the market? And how will the company enable customers’ ideas? Blum will answer these questions and more and present new ideas and inspirations at this year’s interzum.


Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied! In line with this policy, Blum is keen to provide ideas and share its experiences and insights with customers from the furniture industry. To this end, the company offers a wide range of suitable fittings solutions - for conventional and extraordinary furniture concepts. In addition, the company supports manufacturers with services along the entire production process and value added chain, i.e. from selling, planning, designing, ordering, manufacturing and assembly to adjustment and setting.

Ideas for living spaces of today and tomorrow

Blum carries out furniture surveys, identifies trends and shares insights with furniture manufacturers. For Blum, top quality products and services are based on ongoing dialogue with customers and partners. The manufacturer of fittings will make the most of its 1,300 sq. metre (14,000 sq. ft.) booth at interzum to present new product ideas and demonstrate how inspiring solutions can be translated into action. What is more, Blum will use the “Tiny Spaces” special exhibition to display innovative concepts in practical applications for different living areas, ranging from spacious to urban environments. This is how Blum wants to enable its customers to implement their own creative ideas.

Shaping a new quality of living

One of the main objectives of the family-owned company is to work together with customers and partners to improve the quality of living of furniture buyers. Blum strives to enable beautiful, functional and long lasting products based on findings from its own requirement research.

Blum will unveil its new brand promise of “moving ideas” at interzum 2019

Customers can implement inspiring solutions with ease - with Blum products


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