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Πλευρικός σταθεροποιητής TANDEM
Σε αυτό το βίντεο παρουσιάζεται βήμα-βήμα η συναρμολόγηση της πλευρικής σταθεροποίησης για TANDEM.
TANDEM - HOW video
Explanation about the new products in the TANDEM range.
TANDEM short film
This short film shows how TANDEM works, as both full extension and single extension.
Pull-out shelf lock short film
This film shows how the pull-out shelf lock works, demonstrated here with MOVENTO.
Runner systems by Blum
Our runner systems give you quality steel for your wooden design ideas. We have a solution for every requirement: the versatile TANDEM or the sophisticated MOVENTO runner system.
TANDEM with integrated TIP-ON - opening and closing
This video shows the opening and closing function of TANDEM with integrated TIP-ON.