What are Blum’s E-SERVICES?

Our digital offerings for customers and partners! Online. Up to date. Available around the clock.

You will find an overview of our services here. Guest users will be able to access a basic range of E-SERVICES. To gain access to the full range of services, please register online to obtain your personal customer login.

Please note:
Should the E-SERVICE you require not appear in your personal login area, please contact your contact partner.

Where can I find CAD data for Blum products?

You will find CAD data for individual products and for whole solutions in our Product Configurator and in our Product Database.

Where do I get the right DYNALOG interface software?

You will find a detailed list of interfaces with DYNALOG in the CAD/CAM interface section.

Blum provides the AutoCAD and SolidWorks interface via the DYNALOG update section. All other interfaces are provided directly by software providers.

How do I get my personal E-SERVICES login?

Just register here free of charge Or ask your Blum contact for personal access data.

How do the DYNALOG interfaces work?

You will find a basic description of how the interfaces work on the CAD/CAM interface page.

I’ve forgotten my E-SERVICES login. How can I reset my password?

Simply click ‘Request new password’ in the ‘Forgotten your password’ section on the E-SERVICES’ login page.

Please note: If you enter the wrong password five times, your access will be locked.
In this case, please speak to your who will be glad to unlock your access to our full range of services.
Alternatively, you will automatically receive an E-mail with new access data within 24 hours.

How do I request the E-SERVICES application I require?

Ask your Blum contact. He will unlock the application for you.

What E-SERVICES does Blum offer?

You will find a list of the services available in the ‘Overview’ of Blum services.

All electronic applications have been labelled ‘E-SERVICE’.

Where can I get marketing material such as images, videos and brochures about Blum products?

In our Marketing Media Library.

This is where you will find professional photos, product and assembly videos, flyers and brochures, assembly instructions, operating instructions, technical data sheets, logos, presentations, certificates, information about displays and models and marketing tools for showroom kitchens.

You will also find many marketing materials in the Marketing Media Library on our website.

Where can I find CAD and CAM manufacturing data for Blum products?

In the following E-SERVICE applications: Product Configurator and Product Database.

Product Configurator: 3D packages of entire fittings applications, 3D data of individual products and 2D installation situations
Product Database: 3D data of individual products

And you can export planning results from DYNAPLAN directly to your CAD/CAM software via theCAD/CAM interface.

Where can I download free DYNALOG cabinet planning software?

The full version of DYNALOG can be downloaded for free on the DYNAPLAN page.

Are there any operating instructions for the Product Configurator?

The Product Configurator uses ‘i’ icons. Click an ‘i’ icon for images and descriptions that explain the feature in question.

Should you still have problems with specific configurations, contact your Blum contact who will gladly assist you.

When I log in to E-SERVICES I get a blank page.

You most probably have an E-SERVICES user name, but you haven’t yet been assigned any E-SERVICES applications.

E-SERVICES applications are unlocked by your Blum contact.

Can I use Blum’s E-SERVICES if I’m a guest user?

Guest users are able to use basic features of the Product Configurator . To have access to the full range of features (e.g. save configurations in your shopping basket) you need to register.

How do I change my E-SERVICES password?

After logging in to E-SERVICES, you can change your personal password, language and format setting in ‘settings’.

Where can I find my user settings in Blum E-SERVICES?

After logging in to E-SERVICES, go to ‘settings’.

Where can I find the EASY ASSEMBLY app?

Our EASY ASSEMBLY app can be downloaded free of charge from any Appstore or Playstore (iOS and Android). You will find more information about our app here and in our EASY ASSEMBLY blog.

As a direct customer of Blum, how can I place orders and track the status of existing orders 24/7?

Direct customers can use our practical E-SERVICES application Order Management to enter orders themselves, track the status of their orders, access order, customs and invoice documents and directly contact their Blum contact if required.

To optimise my furniture manufacturing facilities, I need a customised packaging solution. Is Blum the right partner for me?

Yes, we definitely are! It’s very important to us to pack our products so that they fit in optimally with your processes. Find out more about our packaging services here.

I see potential for optimisation in the field of logistics and would like support from my suppliers. Can Blum offer a solution that is tailored to my needs?

Our experts will work with you to uncover savings potential in ordering, inventory management and transportation.
Find out more about our services in the fields of Logistics & Transportation here.

We’ve always attached great importance to environmentally-friendly manufacturing and sustainability. What role can Blum play as my partner is this context?

Just like you, we’re convinced that responsible ecological behaviour has long-term economic benefits. Our ECO-Pack reusable packaging is a good example of our environmentally-friendly processes and the economical use of resources.
Find out more here

I’m looking for comprehensive tender documentation so that I can put projects out to tender. Where can I find this information?

We support you with planning, help you implement your furniture ideas and provide tendering support in our section Services for interior designers.

What is the BXF file format?

The BXF format (Blum Exchange Format) is a format for exporting fittings and assembly data from our configurators, e.g. DYNAPLAN. A BXF file contains information about the fitting, assembly information, drilling patterns, drilling positions and much more in an XML format. BXF is a proprietary format and that is why the target software, for example CAD/CAM software, needs an interface to be able to import the BXF file.
Information for potential software partners: Your Blum contact will give you detailed instructions on how to implement such an interface.