Practical soft-close BLUMOTION drawer slides

The concealed runner system for wooden drawers has a feather-light glide and brings enhanced user convenience to the entire home. The versatile TANDEM range has the right solution for every item of furniture.

A feather-light glide a furniture lifetime

You’d like wooden pull-outs and drawers with a feather-light glide for the whole home? You’ve got it with TANDEM.

Comprehensive range

TANDEM gives you the right solution for every room with a wide range of nominal lengths, load bearing capacities of 30 and 50 kg and a choice of single or full extension.

Fast assembly, easy fine tuning

Drawer assembly is quick and easy. Simply use the locking device or hook and peg feature. Fronts can be adjusted without tools thanks to integrated height adjustment. And full extensions also have integrated tilt adjustment so that you can easily align the front with the front edge of the cabinet.


Excellent sag values allow you to implement pull-outs near the floor. And optional side stabilisation for extra wide pull-outs guarantees a stable parallel running action.

Pull-out shelf lock

Secure hold for pull-out shelves The pull-out shelf lock for MOVENTO and TANDEM securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place.

Discover the pull-out shelf lock

Case studies

TANDEM in kitchens

Feather-light glide and enhanced user convenience.

TANDEM in living rooms

You can realise a multitude of furniture ideas such as wide pull-outs, lowboards and pull-out surrounds.

TANDEM in bathrooms

Wide drawers with short nominal lengths are no problem for TANDEM - thanks to optional side stabilisation.

TANDEM in children’s rooms

TANDEM runners are tough so children can even lean on drawers or pull-outs.

Drawers in bedrooms

A feather-light glide for wooden drawers and pull-outs.

TANDEM combined with motion technologies

Combined with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system and with soft-close BLUMOTION.