Easy assembly and installation

TANDEM gives you an extensive range of options. And yet assembly is always the same.

Locking device feature

The TANDEM locking device makes drawer insertion and removal child’s play, saving you precious assembly time. And your customers can remove drawers, e.g. for cleaning just as easily. What’s more, the locking device serves to secure the drawer box to the runner.

Hook and peg feature

The hook and peg feature also makes assembly fast and easy. Simply place the drawer on the runner and then pull forward until the pegs engage in the fixing holes in the drawer base.


Side adjustment


Height adjustment


Tilt adjustment for full extensions


Securing mechanism

Assembly instructions

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of drilling and insertion machines, assembly devices and templates to ensure that the assembly of Blum products is accurate, quick and easy, for optimal performance requires precise assembly.

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