Concealed runners with high load capacity

Perfecting motion is our motto and the driving force behind the development of all our products. Our MOVENTO runner system gives you a synchronised feather-light glide, four-dimensional front adjustment and a dynamic load bearing capacity of 40 and 60 kg with high stability and excellent sag values.

Synchronised feather-light glide

Pull-outs have an ultra-smooth running action thanks to low-friction nylon rollers and the synchronisation of drawer profile and roller carriage which produces a synchronised feather-light glide.

Adjustment features

Not only can you adjust the height and tilt of fronts. MOVENTO now also offers side and depth adjustment so gap alignment is quick and easy, precise and tool free.

Load bearing capacity and stability

MOVENTO is available for load bearing classes of 40 and 60 kg. The runner system delivers high stability and excellent sag values.

Handle-less designs

Handle-less designs are no problem for MOVENTO. Simply combine the runner system with SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION or TIP-ON and your furniture will open at a single touch.

BLUMOTION S – One solution for three technologies

Our new BLUMOTION S for LEGRABOX and MOVENTO gives you the flexibility to implement three different motion technologies with a single runner. And you get perfect soft-close BLUMOTION.

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Pull-out shelf lock

Secure hold for pull-out shelves The pull-out shelf lock for MOVENTO and TANDEM securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place.

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Case studies

MOVENTO in kitchens

MOVENTO has been designed to take the rigours of everyday kitchen use, i.e. heavy storage items and frequent opening and closing.

MOVENTO in hallways

The runner system is available for load bearing classes of 40 and 60 kg and delivers high stability and ultra-smooth running action.That’s why it’s ideal for living areas throughout the home.

MOVENTO in living rooms

High stability even for wide fronts in living rooms.

Base mounted MOVENTO in living rooms

The MOVENTO range lets you realise a multitude of ideas.

MOVENTO in bathrooms

Load bearing capacities of 40 and 60 kg, high stability and ultra-smooth running action are also called for in bathrooms.