TIP-ON for doors

Easy opening with integrated door gap adjustment

Handle-less fronts open at a single touch with TIP-ON, the mechanical opening support system from Blum. To close, simply press shut. TIP-ON is combined with the proven unsprung CLIP top hinge to deliver top quality of motion for doors.

Tool-free depth adjustment

The adjustment feature (+4/-1 mm) has been incorporated into the TIP-ON unit so even TIP-ON for drilling has integrated gap adjustment. Check the arrow markings on the ejector pin. To adjust depth, simply turn the ejector pin left or right.

Extended range

You will always find the right TIP-ON unit for doors and AVENTOS stay lifts thanks to the wide range of colours and adapter plates. You can choose between the short and long version of TIP-ON, for drilling or with a screw-on adapter plate depending on the application.

Seamless integration

TIP-ON can be matched to cabinet interiors. TIP-ON comes in four colour options, silk white, platinum grey, carbon black and nickel-lacquered, offering you greater freedom of design, and blending harmoniously with furniture interiors.

A wide array of applications

TIP-ON for doors

The comprehensive range offers the right TIP-ON unit for every application. This is the discreet model for drilling into the cabinet.

TIP-ON for doors

No modifications need be made to the cabinet if the TIP-ON unit is mounted using a screw-on adapter plate.

TIP-ON for doors – colour coordination

Choose the right TIP-ON colour option to match interior decorative elements and create visual impact with a coordinated colour scheme.

TIP-ON for doors – special highlights

Create highlights by using different colours to contrast with wooden cabinets. TIP-ON gives you many new design options.

TIP-ON for doors – integral whole

Cabinet, inner pull-outs and TIP-ON work together for a harmonious finish. Choose the right TIP-ON colour option and the fitting will merge beautifully with the furniture.