Sink cabinet

A storage space marvel

It’s very useful to have storage space around your sink. This sink cabinet uses every inch of storage space available and gives you easy access to contents. It keeps worktops free and ensures that washing-up items are immediately to hand. The cabinet can be implemented with standard LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX components.

Don’t waste an inch

The U-shaped pull-out puts the space to the left and right of the sink to best possible use. It’s ideal for clearing away sponges, washing-up liquid and tabs. This pull-out is recommended for cabinet widths of 900 mm or more.

Nice and clean

The full extension makes it easy to throw away waste, empty and clean waste bins. Practical inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE ensure that cleaning products are held securely.

Extra storage space

An additional inner pull-out provides plenty of space for cleaning utensils such as sponges, cleaning cloths and bin liners.

Both hands free

Your hands are often full, wet or dirty when you want to open the sink unit. This is where the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system comes in. Simply touch the front with your knee, hip or toe and the pull-out opens by itself. SERVO-DRIVE is also available as an individual solution – SERVO-DRIVE uno.

Case studies

Worktops are kept free

The sink pull-out tidies away washing-up liquid, sponges and tabs.

Implemented with standard components

Quite an eye-catcher - sink pull-out with TANDEMBOX antaro.

Clean and safe

Waste bins and cleaning products are held securely by a cross gallery.

Clever use of storage space

The U-shaped sink pull-out provides ample space for cleaning utensils.

Space a-plenty

The inner drawer adds an additional level for sponges, cleaning cloths, etc.