Clear-cut and rectangular

TANDEMBOX antaro has a clear-cut, rectangular design. It can be combined with a gallery or with design elements to produce a drawer with closed sides. All the components have been colour-coordinated, underlining the minimalist design.

Colour range

TANDEMBOX antaro comes in various colours and materials.

Cabinet profile

All TANDEMBOX lines are based on the tried and tested TANDEMBOX cabinet profile. Users have been impressed by its feather-light glide for years. The secret lies in the low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers that guarantee top quality motion and dynamic carrying capacities of 30 kg and 65 kg.



Load bearing capacity

Nominal length

30 kg

270 - 600 mm

65 kg

450 - 650 mm

ORGA-LINE inner dividing system

ORGA-LINE is a high-quality inner dividing system that works wonders on every drawer and high fronted pull-out. No matter whether cutlery, bottles, pots and pans - everything is nicely tidied away. Tailor your storage space to your needs using the ORGA-LINE inner dividing system.

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Practical cabinet solutions

Practical cabinet solutions improve workflows in kitchens and make optimal use of the storage space available. To make things more practical, keep all the items you need for specific kitchen tasks together so everything will be immediately to hand.

Sink cabinet

Blum’s sink pull-out maximises storage capacity around your sink.

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SPACE TOWER – the practical larder unit for easy, all-round access

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SPACE CORNER - this spacious corner cabinet provides easy, ergonomic access.

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Blum’s idea for narrow cabinets gives you the possibility to use every inch of storage space available.

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Side stabilisation

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Extender bracket

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Back fixing height B

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