Small lift systems that move upwards in parallel

Surprise your customers with lift systems that move up and out of their way: lift systems with AVENTOS HL top are suitable for cabinets that are located on and above worktops. With a worktop mounted cabinet, electrical appliances can be elegantly concealed behind a front.

Endless design possibilities

Cabinet dimensions: with the lift up system, it is possible to use cabinets with heights of 300 to 580 mm and widths of 1800 mm.

Compact range

Only two types of lift mechanism and four lever arms for all applications. The lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets can be used symmetrically with AVENTOS HL top, making storage and handling particularly efficient.

Front design

Medium-height one-part fronts are possible with wooden fronts, narrow or wide aluminium frames, and even thin fronts.

Cover caps

Cover caps in minimalist design come in silk white, light grey and dark grey. Individual branding elements make AVENTOS HL top unique.

Motion technologies

Looking for soft and effortless closing? Then the integrated BLUMOTION soft-close mechanism is the answer. You can also combine the lift system with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system – for the entire kitchen or individual cabinets.


Versatile application

Elegant and practical at the same time: AVENTOS HL top in the home office.

A harmonious unit

AVENTOS HL top allows you to conceal electrical appliances behind a continuous front.

Usable anywhere

AVENTOS HL top opens up new design possibilities in living areas and workspaces.

Also as a partition

AVENTOS HL top in combination with a pull-out shelf creates a practical sideboard in the dining room.