Large fronts lift up and out of the way

When there is limited space over a wall cabinet or tall cabinet, AVENTOS HK top is the preferred solution. The stay lift front barely protrudes above the cabinet, so that a low ceiling height is no obstacle. Even large and heavy wall cabinet fronts can be opened with ease. For handle-less fronts, SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON motion technologies provide electrical and mechanical support respectively.

Cabinet dimensions

For cabinet heights of 205 to 600 mm and cabinet widths of up to 1800 mm.

Compact range

Four lift mechanism types for all areas of application, with the lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets designed for symmetrical use.

Numerous integrated features

AVENTOS HK top boasts many integrated features (such as a safety mechanism and opening angle stop) which greatly facilitate assembly and installation. What's more, even large and heavy wall cabinet fronts open and close with ultimate ease.

Front design

Allow wooden fronts, wide and narrow aluminium frames. With EXPANDO T, it is also possible to use thin fronts from just 8 mm.

Cover caps

Discreet cover caps come in silk white, light grey and dark grey. The various branding elements can be used to further customise the fittings solution.

Motion technologies

BLUMOTION gives you soft and effortless closing. You can also combine the lift system with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system – for the entire kitchen or individual applications. And handle-less wall cabinet fronts open with ease with the TIP-ON mechanical system.


Not only for the kitchen

AVENTOS HK top looks good in all areas of the home.

Suits any design you desire

The AVENTOS HK top lift mechanism is amazingly versatile.

Small but strong

For small and large fronts alike – HK top is the ideal flexible solution for all living areas.

Handle-less wall cabinet fronts

Handle-less stay lift fronts open with ease with the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system.

Collision-free opening guaranteed

The integrated opening angle stop can be adjusted precisely.