Environmental and energy policy

It is of great importance and an incentive to us to preserve natural resources for future generations. We firmly believe that economic and environmental performance must go hand in hand if we are to achieve sustainable management. That is why we take environmental protection very seriously and strive to reduce energy requirements in all corporate fields and along the entire value-added chain. To this end, we finance the investments needed to make processes more efficient and improve technical infrastructure. We minimise our use of land and soil by implementing intelligent building and warehousing concepts.


Our products and services are designed to create long-term value and benefits for our partners, customers and end users. To this end, we are committed to environmental and energy management along the entire value-added chain, at our sites and in neighbouring communities. We are keen to work with our partners on an equal footing and exchange ideas and opinions on fields of action and measures that can be taken to protect our environment and save resources.


Our innovations are the result of active and individual research into customers' needs. This applies equally to products, services and processes. We lay the basis for the efficient use of resources at the very start of the development process. We consider the entire life cycle of our products, from procurement via long service life through to the recycling of the whole product if possible. We play an active role in protecting our environment by working hard to develop high quality products that last.

Continuous improvements

Our driving force is a passion to continuously optimise existing products, services and processes and challenge limitations. This also applies to our impact on the environment and our use of resources. When we design, optimise and implement processes, we use natural resources as efficiently as possible and strive to minimise our environmental impact.


The success of our company is greatly influenced by our employees' identification with the company and their readiness to perform. To achieve our environmental and energy goals, it is also important that every employee does their share to save resources and protect the environment - both at work and on their way to work. We want to jointly achieve our environmental and energy goals in a climate of mutual trust and open dialogue.

We see our environmental and energy policy as a mission and commitment to continuously review and reduce our environmental impact and our use of natural resources, such as soil, air, energy and raw materials. We will provide the information, funding and other resources needed to achieve the goals set before us. We will not only comply with valid legal requirements but also fulfil our own obligations. We are committed to open dialogue with external stakeholders and will respond to well-founded calls for further environmental measures.