Everything you need at a glance

The high-quality dividing system works wonders in drawers and high fronted pull-outs. No matter whether it’s cutlery, bottles, pots or pans – everything is neat and tidy. Give yourself clear visibility and tailor your storage space to your needs.

Practical flexibility

ORGA-LINE containers and the lateral and cross dividers can be flexibly arranged to suit the contents, delivering organisation to drawers and high fronted pull-outs.

Practical visibility

ORGA-LINE gives you clear visibility. Everything is neat and tidy and large storage items are held securely. Everything is within easy reach.

Practical accessories

ORGA-LINE kitchen accessories make kitchen chores easier and organise interiors. The film dispenser and spice, knife and plate holders ensure that everything is exactly where it should be. And they can be quickly cleared away when you're done.

Practical hygiene

Children's sticky fingers leave marks. Sounds familiar? No problem with ORGA-LINE. The high-quality stainless steel containers can be easily cleaned without damaging the material. They're even dishwasher safe.


Kitchen utensils are within easy reach

ORGA-LINE utensil divider set

The practical and space-saving way to keep pots and lids

ORGA-LINE lateral and cross dividers

Clear visibility of provisions

ORGA-LINE lateral and cross dividers

Easy dispensing and perfect cut

ORGA-LINE foil dispenser

Up to 12 plates can be securely stacked in pull-outs

Blum plate holder

Herbs and spices are kept together

ORGA-LINE spice holder

Clear visibility in living rooms

ORGA-LINE utensil divider set

Beautifully organised interiors for business attire

ORGA-LINE utensil divider set