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You’d like to assemble and adjust Blum hinges, lift systems, pull-outs and other fittings systems quickly and efficiently? The EASY ASSEMBLY app for smartphones and tablets answers any questions you may have about the assembly and adjustment of Blum fittings. The app includes assembly instructions and assembly videos for all Blum products.


Download the EASY ASSEMBLY app now free of charge from the Apple App Store (for iOS) or Google Playstore (for Android) onto your smartphone or tablet!

Assembly and installation instructions

Up-to-date assembly and installation instructions at your fingertips. This saves time and ensures that furniture is assembled to the highest standard.

Interactive applications

Interactive applications clearly indicate the right drilling positions and show you how to adjust Blum fittings.

Assembly and installation videos

Assembly videos demonstrate each individual work step and show adjustment options in detail.

Intuitive app

EASY ASSEMBLY includes an overview of all assembly and installation instructions, arranged by product group. The assembly app has been designed to be intuitive, making it easy to use.


More questions about the assembly or adjustment of Blum fittings? We’d be glad to provide personal assistance via our chat or video call feature. LIVE SUPPORT.

Frequently asked questions about EASY ASSEMBLY

How can I use EASY ASSEMBLY?

You can download the assembly app directly and free of charge from the Apple App Store (for iOS) or from Google Playstore (for Android) onto your smartphone or tablet.

How can I change the language?

Go to the “Options” tab in the EASY ASSEMBLY app and select “Market & Language”. After selecting your market, you can choose the language you want.

How can I download content?

Items of content can be downloaded individually to suit personal requirements. This means that the app is easy to use and takes up little storage space on your device. In addition, you can download several items of content or all content related to a product using the multiple selections feature.

How can I use content in offline mode?

You can access the information you have downloaded in the “Downloads” tab. You can see which items of content you can use in offline mode at a glance.

All content can be downloaded at once with the “Use content offline” feature. In other words, your device will provide you with up-to-date information in offline mode.

How can I quickly find the information again?

You can save the information you need frequently in Favourites. This means that you can quickly find the most important items in clearly organised files.

Select the product you want and click the 3 dots top right to add an item or several items of content to your Favourites. ioS device users can also select content by doing a “long press”.

How can I minimise the size of the app?

To minimise the memory requirements of the app, you can regularly delete the content of downloads. The content you’ve saved in Favourites will still be available and easily accessible via a link. But you will have to go online to retrieve the content again.

Questions or feedback on the app?

You can send your questions directly to Blum. Simply use the “Options” tab in the EASY ASSEMBLY app. You can reach us by telephone or contact form. We would be very happy to provide further assistance.


News and tips on how to assemble and adjust Blum products quickly and precisely and how best to use our EASY ASSEMBLY app.

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