Pull-out shelf lock

MOVENTO and TANDEM pull-out shelves lock securely into place

Quality of living is not only determined by design but also by convenience. That is why we have developed a practical lock-open stop for our MOVENTO and TANDEM pull-out shelves. The discreet and space-saving mechanism securely holds the open pull-out shelf in place. The shelf will not wobble nor will it slide back into the cabinet - even if kitchen gadgets are used on it. The two-sided locking mechanism provides a strong holding force. It can be easily released with one hand if a synchronisation shaft is used.

Secure hold and sleek look. The pull-out shelf lock holds shelves securely into place and can easily be released.


We presented the pull-out shelf lock for TANDEM and MOVENTO for the first time at interzum 2019. We are now working hard to make the product available in your market.