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Hoechst, Austria | June 2021

Blum customers fund 3,333 eye operations

Fittings manufacturer donates €99,990 to "Light for the World"

Fittings manufacturer Blum has once again turned signatures into charitable donations. Visitors to the hybrid "Blum CONNECTS" trade fair were invited to sign a guestbook, for which the family-owned company would donate 30 euros for every signature gathered – each donation being enough to fund an eye operation for someone suffering from cataracts. The signatures gathered by Blum in both digital and physical guestbooks will pay for 3,333 life-saving eye operations for young and elderly people.


The Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum has been supporting good causes for 36 years. "As a company, we also have a responsibility towards society as a whole. Life-saving eye operations allow people in developing countries to go to school or find a job, giving them a new outlook on life," explains Philipp Blum, Managing Director of the Austrian family-owned company Blum, on the reasons behind Blum's commitment to this charitable campaign. A commitment also shared by many of Blum's long-term customers, which has seen Blum's original campaign transform into a shared charitable concern. Although it was not possible to proceed with interzum - the world's leading trade fair for furniture manufacturing and interior fittings - as a conventional event in Cologne this year, Blum was able to present its new fittings, trends and innovations to customers through its hybrid "Blum CONNECTS" format. A total of 3,333 signatures were gathered through entries in the digital guestbook but also, and primarily, through the large number of personal customer discussions held at local events in the various markets around the world. A donation of €99,990 is going to "Light for the World".

Preventing and healing blindness

For over 30 years, the independent Austrian charitable organisation "Light for the World" has been working with international partners for an inclusive society. "Light for the World" is an experienced organisation that primarily operates in the field of preventing and treating curable conditions that cause blindness. Over two billion people around the globe have impaired vision, of which 36 million are blind – with around half of this figure being caused by cataracts. The charity focuses most of its efforts on Africa. A mobile team works to deliver life-saving eye operations, build hospitals or help to train ophthalmologists and opticians.

Licht f.d.Welt_Luis_2 u. seine Mutter Josefa_Mosambik

(Photo: Licht f.d.Welt_Luis_2 and his mother Josefa_Mosambik/Photo: Light for the World)

Two-year-old Luis from Mozambique in the arms of his overjoyed mother Josefa following his successful eye operation


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