Thin fronts - EXPANDO T

Easy assembly

This new fixing method is impressively easy to use. Fronts are assembled in just a few steps. Drill, insert and tighten screws. That's it. And to make things even easier, the same fixing system can be used for three different applications: wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs.

Assembly, adjustment and removal

To fix EXPANDO T, drill a hole of 10 mm in diameter and just 6 mm in depth. Boss drilling is no longer required for hinges, so the new fixing method produces a new drilling pattern. Fixing positions stay the same for lift and box systems.

Innovative fixing method

It’s the combination of two materials that provides excellent retention forces. Steel teeth bite into the material of hard fronts to achieve a secure hold, and nylon components ensure firm anchorage in soft panels.

Assembly instructions

EXPANDO T is suitable for fastening Blum fittings to thin panels used for furniture manufacturing. Panels of 8 mm thickness or more can be used, provided they have sufficient stability and strength.

Application areas and assembly recommendations
Materials tested by Blum Minimum tightening torque (Nm)
Chipboard (transverse tensile strength > 0.4 N/mm²) 1,5
MDF (transverse tensile strength > 0.6 N/mm²) 1,5
Mineral composites 2
Natural stone - Nero Assoluto granite 3
Artificial stone – quartz composite 3
Ceramic panels 3

Drilling depth - loose dowel

Screws with an M4 thread must be used for loose EXPANDO T dowels
ES = screw penetration depth
ES min. = 4 mm​
ES max. = drilling depth - 0.5 mm

EXPANDO T assembly


Disclaimer of liability

Blum accepts no liability for the use of EXPANDO T in combination with materials not listed or fittings from other manufacturers. It is recommended that assembly be carried out by an experienced furniture manufacturer.

Planning and ordering information

Would you like to find out more about EXPANDO T? This brochure provides all the information you need for ordering and implementation.

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