Working for Blum

Successful together

Every individual has their personal qualities and skills; every team needs the commitment of its members. Our company offers diverse jobs which provide opportunities for challenge and responsibility.

We trust in our employees and their skills. We work together to tackle issues and shape solutions in an atmosphere of open dialogue. This is how our company achieves success - through the combination of different skills and personalities and the commitment of every individual. And we want to keep it that way for many years to come.

Spotlight on our people

Inspiring and challenging - Blum product development

Our experts turn product ideas into fittings solutions that are ready for serial production.

Blum Logistics - sending fittings from Hoechst to the rest of the world

Our specialists ensure a smooth movement of goods around the globe.

Comprehensive vocational training programme for young people interested in technology

The big plus - 8 apprenticeship trades, different vocational training centres and dedicated instructors.

High-tech manufacturing - complex fittings built to exacting standards

Even state-of-the-art production systems need qualified staff.

Testing at Blum - for top quality products

Numerous tests are carried out to check the assembly and functionality of our fittings systems.

Teamwork with a capital 'T'

Colleagues work closely together to come up with more and more innovative product ideas.