Electrical opening support system for handle-less built-in refrigerators

Whether left or right opening, sliding or fixed door, SERVO-DRIVE flex can be used with any standard built-in refrigerators, fridge/freezers, freezers and dishwashers. And delivers the usual user convenience expected from SERVO-DRIVE.

Product advantages

Versatile applications

Built-in refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers can now also be elegantly concealed behind fronts in minimalist, handle-less kitchens. And they open with supreme ease with the SERVO-DRIVE flex electrical opening support system.

Easy assembly and installation

Installation of SERVO-DRIVE is completed in just a few steps and is virtually tool free. Prior knowledge is not needed.

Intelligent functions

SERVO-DRIVE flex is a well-thought-out system which is designed to meet the demands of everyday kitchen use. Intelligent functions ensure that handle-less built-in appliances can be operated with ease.


The SERVO-DRIVE flex electrical opening support system allows you to implement a great range of applications. The drive unit is suitable for various types of appliances.

Combination fridge freezers

The doors of a combination fridge freezer are fitted with separate SERVO-DRIVE flex units so they can be opened individually.


An optional wireless switch can be used to enlarge the trigger range for the fronts of refrigerators. The door will always open with ease no matter where you touch the front.


For large and heavy doors, e.g. freezer doors, reliable opening is achieved with two synchronised drive units.


If SERVO-DRIVE flex is used with built-in dishwashers, the drive unit is mounted in the centre of the installation recess.

Further product advantages

Adaptive system

SERVO-DRIVE flex adapts to the properties of the door. So the access gap will always be the same size and the door can be opened with ease.

Automatic self-closing system

If the door is not opened after the opening support system has been triggered, the rod pulls the front shut again. This ensures that the door does not stay open.

Trigger safety

After opening, the rod retracts into the drive unit. Nothing is in the user’s way. The rod won’t be triggered until the door is closed and pressure applied to the front.

Lean protection

SERVO-DRIVE flex differentiates between short touches and long leaning actions. The lean protection feature prevents accidental triggering of the opening support system.


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