Höchst, Austria | February 2019

Award winning product design by Blum

German Design Award and iF Design Award for stay lift and fixing system

International juries are often impressed by the design of Blum products and have frequently recognised their products with awards. The Austrian fittings specialist has now won the German Design Award for two of its latest products: EXPANDO T fixing mechanism and AVENTOS HK top stay lift. What is more, the stay lift has also won the iF Design Award.


Design plays an important role in the development of modern furniture fittings. On the one hand, well-thought-out solutions support design trends. On the other, they excel in their own right in terms of design and function. Austrian manufacturer of fittings, Blum, is pleased to announce that it has recently won another much sought-after award – for not just one, but two products. The company was presented with the German Design Award 2019 for EXPANDO T, its innovative fixing mechanism for thin fronts made of unusual materials and the AVENTOS HK top stay lift which is linear in design and small in size. What is more, Blum has also bagged the iF Design Award for its new lift system.

Focus on design quality

The German Design Award is presented by the German Design Council, which is based in Frankfurt am Main. The non-profit foundation strives to raise awareness about the importance of good product design and rewards innovative products and projects, manufacturers and designers who are pioneering in the German and international design landscape. The iF Design Award, which was first presented in 1954 by iF Industrie Forum Design e. V. in Hanover, rewards outstanding industrial design and aims to build a bridge between culture and commerce.



German Design Award 2019 for EXPANDOT, Blum’s new fixing mechanism for thin fronts made of unusual materials


German Design Award 2019 and iF Design Award 2019 for AVENTOS HK top, Blum’s new stay lift that boasts integrated features, a linear design and small installation size


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