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Quality through dialogue

Our quality is also determined by our suppliers

Top-quality final products require top-quality raw materials and component parts. Our processes must not only fulfil generally accepted standards and requirements. They must also meet our own exacting demands. As for the parts we don’t make ourselves, we rely on strong partnerships with our suppliers.

High precision production of complex parts

Our products are getting ever-more complex through ongoing development, and manufacturing processes are becoming more and more technical. One of our first box systems, METABOX, has just 16 component parts. By contrast, our latest LEGRABOX system has more than 250! The reason is that we are integrating more and more features into our hinge, pull-out and box systems. The same applies to our assembly devices. This requires precise planning, accurate manufacturing and efficient processes.

Partnerships on an equal footing

We rely on trustworthy partners to make the parts we don’t make ourselves. And to ensure that we procure top quality components, we enter into a Quality Assurance Agreement (QAA) with every one of our suppliers. The agreement regulates how we work together - on an equal footing and in a partnership of trust. Without exaggerated targets or threshold values.

Sustainable quality

Quality often lies in the small details. Every single pallet must be laden, packaged and labelled correctly to ensure that it can be stored and retrieved without any problems in our fully automated warehouses. Only if we know precisely what materials our partners use for the parts they supply can we put these materials to optimal use in our products. Transparency, commitment and reliability are important to both sides - to our partners and us.

A binding agreement

Our Quality Assurance Agreement is like a gentleman’s agreement. It sorts out important points between contracting parties. We talk to each other and move forwards together so that we can build a close long-term relationship. Our suppliers are an important link in the manufacturing chain. That’s why it’s so important to maintain dialogue. We have a responsibility for our joint success.

Blum_IMG2570_Uścisk dłoni