Hoechst, Austria | May 2019

Quick, easy and precise assembly

Drilling and fittings insertion with MINIPRESS top

MINIPRESS top is the latest generation drilling and insertion machine by Blum. The assembly device speeds up the complete assembly of cabinets and makes it easy to carry out central line and horizontal drilling. Combined with EASYSTICK, Blum’s computer-aided automatic stop system, cabinet makers and manufacturers can produce precise and finely crafted pieces of furniture in no time.


The new MINIPRESS top drilling and insertion machine by Blum produces precise assembly results. Thanks to a depth of 350 mm, it is even possible to carry out central line drilling with ease. The optional horizontal drilling unit allows users to carry out even more different drilling operations on a single machine. So there is no need to switch to other machines, which is often time consuming. Drilling heads and rulers can be mounted without tools in seconds, and digital displays for drilling depth and distances facilitate setting procedure. Medium-sized companies with little space will benefit in particular from the new assembly device. The fixed work table and movable vertical drilling unit deliver precision to every assembly step. Once rulers are set, they are fixed in position.

Enhanced convenience with EASYSTICK

MINIPRESS top performs to its full potential in combination with EASYSTICK, a computer-aided automatic stop system. Digital, error-free planning data can be transferred from the Cabinet Configurator to MINIPRESS; workpiece dimensions can be entered directly on the display unit. EASYSTICK then automatically calculates all fixing positions and the stops automatically move to the correct position. Regular updates ensure that EASYSTICK stays up to date and can be used for the assembly of the latest fittings.

Precise assembly results are a cinch with the new MINIPRESS top drilling and insertion machine

Large depth and movable vertical drilling unit make MINIPRESS top very easy to use


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