Hoechst, Austria | May 2021

Future home comforts thanks to connected furniture

Blum brings the infrastructure for smart solutions to furniture

At this year’s digital interzum, the Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum is showcasing its infrastructure solutions to bring smart applications to furniture. This infrastructure forms the backbone for future applications and smart ideas from manufacturers of furniture and kitchen units. The fittings specialist is presenting its vision of a connected home in a dedicated area of the digital trade show stand.


Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum’s vision of a smart home is on display in a separate exhibition area as part of the digital interzum 2021 event. Voice control is just the tip of the iceberg – these solutions are all about connectivity and automation. As a consequence of the digitalisation of all areas of life, Blum is showing how furniture that is connected to the web and has a power supply will in future add something extra to home comforts. The fittings expert is presenting this future concept by means of a modular infrastructure that allows electricity to be provided in the furniture with little expense and effort. The cleverly designed and easily integrated solution acts as the basis for future electronic and smart applications – whether with voice control or as the basis for home automation.

Improving home comforts with smart solutions
Product Manager Fabian Längle explains the idea behind the electrification of furniture: “We are creating an infrastructure that can be constantly expanded. Not just with our own applications, but also as a basis for innovative furniture manufacturers and even electrical appliance manufacturers.” He is confident that there are still many more applications that can be implemented in future, providing not only design and storage space, but enhancing functionality and making furniture more attractive: “We can imagine a variety of uses. Heating, cooling, smart closing – there is vast potential for creative ideas.”

A system for future ideas
At the trade fair, Blum is showcasing two specific examples of how electricity can be used in furniture: illuminated pull-outs and a USB-C port. Light in furniture serves two different purposes: one functional, as the contents of the pull-outs are well-lit and visible, and one emotional, as the atmospheric background lighting creates decorative effects. The power connection Blum has installed in the drawer back is an extremely versatile interface. The company relies here on the widely used USB-C standard, allowing many smart devices to be charged where they are being kept, be they smartphones, tablets or laptops, but also potentially battery-powered kitchen utensils or electric shavers. Wireless charging would also be possible in the future by integrating charging pads.

New technologies, the same objective: greater convenience and comfort
The fittings manufacturer wants its innovation to pave the way for customers to react to the smart home living trend. The objective still remains to provide added value for furniture users. Blum expert Fabian Längle explains: “The focus is always on one thing: creating customised solutions that make life more comfortable. We are convinced that in future, smart furniture will have an important role to play.”

In future, Blum will provide the infrastructure to give furniture an energy supply and create a basis for different applications

Illuminating furniture is functional, because it makes cabinet contents visible, and emotional, because it creates atmospheric background lighting

Another application that can be implemented with little expense and effort is the integration of a USB-C port, so that devices can be charged


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