Production sites


Eight of our plants are located in Vorarlberg in western Austria. We develop and manufacture hinge, lift and pull-out systems for the global market in Vorarlberg.

Plant 1 in Hoechst

Plant 1 used to be our main plant. Today it houses departments from Plant 3 - Engineering.

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Plant 2 in Hoechst

Our hinge production facilities, a delivery warehouse and administration offices are located at Plant 2 in Hoechst.

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Plant 3 in Hoechst

Plant 3 is our Engineering Centre. This is where we carry out research and development, design and build our tools and special machinery and where our apprentices’ training centre is located.

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Plant 4 in Bregenz

Our runner and box systems are manufactured, coated and installed in Bregenz, Austria. Final assembly of our SERVO-DRIVE systems is also carried out here.

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First issue of Blum News

Blum celebrates its 25th anniversary. The first issue of the employee magazine “Blum News” is published.
Blum presents the MODUL hinge.
First subsidiaries are founded.

Plant 5 in Fussach

Single parts for our fittings systems are manufactured here using zinc and plastics in pressure die casting and injection moulding processes.

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Launch of apprenticeship programme

Blum launches its own vocational training scheme with its own apprentice workshop in Austria.

Plant 6 in Gaissau

In Gaissau, various accessories for our box systems are manufactured, coated and installed.

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Plant 7 in Dornbirn

This plant is the location of our Logistics Centre which has its own rail link. This is also where AVENTOS lift systems and BLUMOTION soft-close mechanisms are manufactured and where ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems are installed and packaged.

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Plant 8 in Dornbirn

This plant is the central sheet metal factory where single parts for our fittings systems are manufactured using sheet steel and steel wire.

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