Easy assembly and installation

LEGRABOX excels in terms of user-friendliness. This has many advantages for assembly, adjustment and removal.

Assembly, adjustment and removal

Fast and secure assembly of front

Insert the front in the holding position and simply clip on (easy attachment even if pull-out is already in place).

3-dimensional adjustment

Precise height, side and tilt adjustment produces beautiful gap alignment.

Easy front removal

Wide and heavy fronts can be easily removed by a single person thanks to the holding position.

Assembly instructions

Assembly videos

BOXFIX plus - box assembly using nail technology

This video provides an example of the individual steps required to assemble a box system using BOXFIX plus, with the box system nailed together.

EXPANDO T for thin fronts

This assembly video shows the assembly of thin fronts with EXPANDO T. The fixing method for CLIP top BLUMOTION 155°, AVENTOS HK top and LEGRABOX is shown.


This video provides information about front assembly, inserting the pull-out, and the 3-dimensional front setting options.


Shows the assembly, as well as the adjustment options, of LEGRABOX free

LEGRABOX inner pull-out with cross gallery

This video clearly demonstrates the steps required to assemble the front piece with the cross gallery for the LEGRABOX inner pull-out.

LEGRABOX inner pull-out with design element

This video clearly demonstrates the steps required to assemble the front piece with the design element for the LEGRABOX inner pull-out.

LEGRABOX side stabilisation

This video clearly demonstrates side stabiliser assembly for LEGRABOX

Assembly devices

Blum offers a wide range of drilling and insertion machines, assembly devices and templates to ensure that the assembly of Blum products is accurate, quick and easy, for optimal performance requires precise assembly.

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