Cabinet Configurator

Total support from planning to manufacturing

Plan entire cabinets in your web browser – free of charge and without any manual updates.

Configure cabinets with Blum fittings in just a few clicks. An integrated collision check allows you to carry out precise and error-free planning. The comprehensive planning results provide optimal process support: during planning, designing, ordering and manufacturing.

Advantages for cabinet makers with and without CAD software:

  • The comprehensive software with a straightforward user interface allows the cabinet and fittings to be visualised in 3D

  • Save frequently used cabinet dimensions as standard values

  • Changes to the cabinet design can also be made after fittings planning

  • Use the Product Configurator to easily select pull-out, hinge and lift systems

  • Export the CAD data in the most common formats to import into your CAD software or use our BXF* file for existing interfaces

  • Send components lists directly to the web shop or to customer services of selected distributors when you are ready to order

  • You can use our cutting lists, assembly overview or manufacturing drawings – digitally or you can print them out

  • Use the BXF* file to send the planning results to MINIPRESS with EASYSTICK

  • Save and manage your planning data in "My projects/My order lists"

*The BXF file not only contains information about the fitting, but also manufacturing information for wooden parts,
such as cutting dimensions and drilling positions.

BXF is compatible with an increasing number of partner software products and can be easily transferred to drilling and insertion machines with EASYSTICK.



Make the plinth functional. SPACE STEP not only allows you to access higher cabinets, but also creates extra storage space in the plinth of base units. Now also included in the Cabinet Configurator.

Divide back

Are you planning an open compartment without a back, e.g. for electronic devices? Select the element that has already been planned in the interior construction and activate the "divide back" function. Then click on the back that is no longer required and activate "no back".

Planning several central panels

Are you planning furniture with two, three or more central panels? Now you can move as many central panels as required to the cabinet. The number of central panels is unlimited.

Divide front widths and heights

You can now divide front heights as well as widths with just a few clicks. Do you want to now plan large fronts, fronts in the tier system or with fixed values? All it takes is a few seconds to turn your desire into reality.

Flexible front planning

Do you want flexible front planning? Move horizontal and vertical gaps to the front and this will give you maximum flexibility for enhanced customisation. Select a front and change it to an open compartment with just one click.

Customised standard values

Save frequently used cabinet dimensions as standard values. Changes to the cabinet design can also be made after fittings planning.

Front planning

One-part or two-part fronts of different materials - everything is possible. The Cabinet Configurator will automatically calculate the front weight.

Internal design

Plan fixed and adjustable shelves, central panels and line drillings quickly and simply with drag & drop in the Cabinet Configurator.

Fittings selection

Save valuable time for fittings planning by duplicating fittings at the click of a mouse or creating your own custom fittings templates.

Planning results

Comprehensive planning results provide optimal process support: from the concept, planning and the quotation right through to design, ordering and manufacturing.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your personal contact at Blum.