Interface with partner software

Cabinet and fittings data for your CAD/CAM software.

We work closely with our CAD/CAM software partners to make it easier to plan and design furniture using Blum products. To cater for software without Blum CAD/CAM data integration, we offer the possibility to set up an interface with our Product Configurator and/or Cabinet Configurator/DYNAPLAN. This gives users the advantages of both programs.

Advantages for cabinet makers

  • Fewer mistakes made thanks to transfer of collision-checked fittings solutions including parts lists, fittings data and wooden parts

  • Time saved because there is no need to import and position individual CAD data by hand

  • The Product Configurator and Cabinet Configurator/DYNAPLAN are useful additional tools for planning furniture using Blum fittings

Advantages for software producers

  • Support with setting up an interface - with standard data formats and comprehensive documentation

  • Blum data is always up to date

  • Additional argument for your CAD/CAM software

CAD/CAM interface in DYNAPLAN

Our DYNAPLAN cabinet planning software helps you find the right Blum fittings for your furniture quickly and simply.
Planning data can be transferred between DYNAPLAN and your planning software via the CAD/CAM interface.

 Find out more about DYNAPLAN

Content and features at a glance

Software partners

Our software partners have either integrated Blum fittings data into their CAD/CAM software or enable the direct transfer of data.

BXF export

Cabinet and fittings data can be exported from the Product Configurator or Cabinet Configurator/DYNAPLAN to the respective CAD program at the press of a button.

Cabinet and fittings data transferred with ease

Complete cabinet planning data, including fittings data and drilling positions can be directly imported to and edited in your CAD program.

How does the CAD/CAM interface work?

Blum services image video for interzum 2017

This image video was created for interzum 2017 and shows the Blum services for the target groups: authorised distributors, furniture industry, cabinet makers, fitters, architects and software manufacturers.

Where can I get the interface software?

The CAD/CAM interface works differently in every partner’s software.
Possible types of interfaces:

  • The interface has already been integrated in your CAD/CAM software. Please contact your software manufacturer to find out how the interface works.

  • The interface requires extra software that needs to be installed in addition to your existing CAD/CAM software. The installation files will be provided by your software manufacturer. Get in touch with your contact partner there.

  • Once DYNAPLAN has been installed, AutoCAD and SolidWorks users can download the interface directly from the DYNAPLAN Update section. (This does not include AutoCAD LT and student version users.)

Your contact

If you have any questions about this service, please get in touch with your Blum contact or use the following contact form.


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