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Blum is not just a supplier of high quality products. We develop solutions that allow you to enhance the quality of day-to-day operations. We rack our brains over your processes - from ordering the right fittings and manufacturing perfect furniture to successfully selling kitchens. Make the most of our services and make individual jobs or even whole work steps simpler and more efficient.

Furniture manufacturers

Conversations with our customers from the furniture industry have shown again and again that it doesn’t help to have top quality fittings if the logistics aren’t right. What’s more, our products are tailor packaged to your needs and delivered directly to assembly lines. So that you can further optimise productivity.

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Our products are delivered to 120 countries worldwide.

Fittings distributors

Fittings distributors need more than just good products to consolidate their position in the market. We will help you communicate the quality of Blum products to your customers and help you offer them decisive added value. You will get compelling sales arguments and useful additional information directly from Blum.

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Cabinet makers

As a cabinet maker, you have first-hand experience of quality. Top quality bespoke furniture cannot be made overnight. But you can save time by using our fittings: fast, easy and accurate assembly are an integral part of product quality by Blum. We will provide you with detailed information and useful assembly devices.

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Furniture users

We ensure that our products withstand the rigours of everyday kitchen use. So that you can enjoy your furniture for many years to come and rest assured that the quality is right.

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