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Welcome to the Dornbirn showroom

The kitchen you opt for will last you for many years to come. So it’s worth taking a closer look. But, what makes a kitchen a good kitchen? Tricky question. We at Blum are certain that a kitchen should be beautiful and practical.

It’s the furniture fittings that make a kitchen practical. We’ve been analysing kitchen users’ needs for years and are always coming up with new solutions to make everyday kitchen use easier.

Plenty of tips for your new kitchen!

If you want to feel at home and enjoy your kitchen, everything needs to run like clockwork. That is why it is critical to focus on ergonomics and functionality when planning your kitchen.


A clever layout of cabinets ensures that everything is exactly where it should be and easily accessible. This makes kitchen chores easier with everything to hand.

Storage space

Depending on the size of the household and shopping habits, a lot of things are stored in the kitchen: food, tableware, etc. Practical cabinet solutions make optimal use of existing space.

Quality of motion

Opening and closing furniture is easy with reliable furniture fittings that function perfectly. So you can enjoy your kitchen for many years to come.


Add that personal touch and bring your dream kitchen to life. With the right furniture fittings, there are no limits to your creativity.

Inspiration and information

We present clever furniture features in our showroom, answer questions about ergonomic details, explain how best to organise a kitchen and, as you'd expect, tell you about the quality and functionality of our own furniture fittings.

Look behind the kitchen fronts and take the opportunity to open and close each drawer, wall cabinet or door. Every cabinet is filled with items to give you an idea of what the application would look like in your home. You can use display cabinets to try out which fittings solutions best meet your needs.

“Perfectly designed kitchens – so much to look at, test and admire! Great advice with friendly staff.”

Peter & Renate, showroom visitors, 2022

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Touch, experiment and feel the difference. Arrange a no-obligation consultation to find out more about our product innovations and functional cabinet ideas for different living areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms or dressing rooms. Make your home more practical.