Pre-assembly enables easy installation on site

Thanks to the well-thought-out pocket construction, REVEGO can be pre-assembled in the workshop or plant. This provides excellent protection and allows for practical transportation to the end user. Our pocket systems can be fitted quickly and simply like any standard tall cabinet. Put up, align and mount the pockets; install the doors and track; make any final adjustments – and that's it!

Well-thought-out design

Pre-assembly of pockets and fronts enables quick and precise installation at customers' premises. This makes the job on site easier and increases efficiency.

Easy adjustment

A perfect gap layout is achieved thanks to
precise 3-dimensional adjustment and large adjustment range. Adjustment features are easily accessible and intuitive to use.

Simple removal

Individual fittings can be easily removed (even from built-in furniture) thanks to the REVEGO integrated service interface.

Installation instructions

Assembly videos

REVEGO uno – Pre-assembly of pocket

REVEGO uno – Pre-installation preparation of the front

REVEGO uno – Adjustments

REVEGO duo – Pre-assembly of pocket

REVEGO duo – Pre-installation preparation of fronts

REVEGO duo – Pre-installation preparation of the track cover panel and fixed shelf

REVEGO duo – Adjustments

REVEGO uno + duo – Final assembly

REVEGO duo + duo final assembly

REVEGO duo final assembly