68 years in motion

The name Blum stands for innovation, dedicated employees and international market presence. Julius Blum founded the company on 1 March 1952. His first product was a horseshoe stud. Today we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture fittings.

Founding of Blum subsidiaries and representative offices at a glance:

  1. 1977 Blum Sweden, Blum USA

  2. 1978 Blum Canada

  3. 1981 Blum Germany

  4. 1987 Blum UK

  5. 1989 Blum Norway

  6. 1991 Blum France

  7. 1992 Blum Poland

  8. 1993 Blum Czech Republic

  9. 1994 Blum Hungary

  10. 1995 Blum Romania

  11. 1996 Blum Turkey

  12. 1997 Blum Australia, Blum Russia

  13. 1998 Blum Brazil

  14. 2001 Blum South East Asia

  15. 2002 Blum China

  16. 2005 Blum Ukraine

  17. 2007 Blum Mexico

  18. 2008 Blum Kazakhstan, Blum Vietnam

  19. 2009 Blum India, Blum Hong Kong

  20. 2010 Blum New Zealand

  21. 2011 Blum North Africa, Blum Portugal

  22. 2012 Blum Greece

  23. 2016 Blum Azerbaijan

  24. 2017 Blum Slovakia


The company is founded by Julius Blum

Julius Blum, a farrier and carriage smith by trade, founds his company on 1 March 1952. His first product is a horseshoe stud which prevents horses from slipping.



The first furniture hinge

The first furniture hinge is the ANUBA hinge for doors, windows and furniture.


The first Blum hinge

The production of concealed hinges is started.


First export business

First products are exported to European countries.


The first roller runners

Roller runners are added to the production programme.


First representative offices abroad

First representative offices are set up. Blum takes part in interzum, the trendsetting fair in Cologne, for the first time.


Launch of apprenticeship programme

Blum starts its own vocational training programme in Austria.


New plant in Hoechst

Plant 2 is built and put into operation in Hoechst. Tools and manufacturing systems need to meet the same rigorous testing requirements at all our plants. Quality assurance measures are developed on an ongoing basis to guarantee the high quality standard.


First issue of Blum News

Blum celebrates its 25th anniversary. The first issue of the employee magazine ‘Blum News’ is published.

Blum presents the MODUL hinge and TANDEM drawer runner.

Subsidiaries are established in the USA and Sweden.


The first high bay warehouse

Vorarlberg's first high bay warehouse is put into operation at Plant 2.

Blum Canada is established.


Blum Germany

Our subsidiary Blum Germany is established.


Production in the USA

Blum USA assembles hinges and drawer runners.


CLIP hinge

Blum presents CLIP - the hinge for tool-free mounting.



The METABOX drawer system goes into production.

Blum UK is established.


Global customer benefits

Blum introduces its philosophy of ‘Global customer benefits’.

Blum Norway is established.


ISO certification

Blum is the first manufacturer of furniture fittings to be certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

Blum France is established.


Blum Poland is established.

An additional production facility is set up in Poland.


New TANDEMBOX box system

Blum presents new steel, aluminium and stainless steel TANDEMBOX box systems and introduces INSERTA assembly method for hinges.

Blum Czech Republic is established.


Easy planning

The first version of DYNAPLAN is launched on the market. The software makes it easy to plan cabinets and choose the right furniture fittings.

Blum Turkey is established.


Environmental certification

Blum is certified to the international ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

The company presents TANDEMBOX plus full extension.

Blum Australia and Blum Russia are established.


Blum Brazil

A production facility is set up in Brazil.


The CLIP top hinge

Blum presents its beautifully designed CLIP top hinge for fast and easy adjustment and launches the ORGA-LINE inner dividing system for TANDEMBOX.


Storage space planning

Blum focuses on storage space planning and usage in kitchens.



Drawers, lift systems and doors close softly and effortlessly with BLUMOTION.

Blum South East Asia is established.


50th anniversary

Blum celebrates its 50th anniversary.

A representative office is opened in China.



Blum presents new ways to make the best possible use of the space available and provide top quality motion.

The Stamping Centre (Plant 5) is put into operation in Fussach.


New AVENTOS lift systems

AVENTOS lift systems and the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system for TANDEM runners are presented for the first time at interzum in Cologne.

Plangger Coatings is integrated into the Blum organisation. It is Plant 6.

Blum Ukraine is established.



Blum presents the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system for drawers and pull-outs.

Blum's Logistics and Packaging Centre is put into operation in Poland.



TANDEMBOX intivo, the box system that allows you to personalise side panels and

TIP-ON for doors are added to the product range.

Blum Mexico is established.


Record number of trainees in Vorarlberg

73 apprentices start their training with Blum.

Blum Kazakhstan and Blum Vietnam are established.



The hinge with integrated soft close, TANDEMBOX antaro with a rectangular gallery rail and

the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system for the AVENTOS HK lift system are presented for the first time at trade shows.

Plant 7, which has its own rail sidings, begins operations in Dornbirn.

Blum India and Blum Hong Kong are established.


SERVO-DRIVE for lift systems

The SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system adds a new dimension to lift systems.

Blum New Zealand is established.


Box system with straight drawer sides

The LEGRABOX box system, MOVENTO runner system and SERVO-DRIVE uno are presented for the first time.

Blum North Africa and Blum Portugal are established.


European Inventor Award 2013

BLUMOTION for soft and effortless closing wins the European Inventor Award 2013.

Blum presents the LEGRABOX free design option and the AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system.

AVENTOS HK-XS is added to Blum’s range of lift systems.



TIP-ON BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX: This product is a combination of mechanical opening and soft and effortless closing.

Blum also presents SERVO-DRIVE flex - an electrical opening support system for built-in fridge/freezers and dishwashers.


4 motion technologies

Whether mechanical or electrical, our four motion technologies can be combined as required. They make handle-less furniture easy to use, providing various levels of convenience to suit every living area.

The new EASY ASSEMBLY app provides digital support to fitters and installers.

CABLOXX is a single locking system for all Blum box and runner systems.


Solutions to meet the latest trends

Blum presents itself as an innovative systems partner that delivers solutions for handle-less furniture.

New colour option for hinges: onyx black is launched on pilot markets.

Blum Azerbaijan is established.

Combined with EASYSTICK, ...

... MINIPRESS top is a perfect package for all drilling operations on cabinets, doors and fronts.

 More about EASYSTICK


AVENTOS HK top lift system is presented for the first time

Austria's Chamber of Commerce presents Blum with Global Player Award 2017.



Blum’s automated fencing system for drilling and insertion machines is presented for the first time. It ensures maximum precision in assembly.

Blum Indonesia is founded.


New Management Board

Blum’s Management Board since 1 July (f.l.): Urs Bolter, Managing Directors Philipp and Martin Blum and Gerhard Humpeler.

The MERIVOBOX box system offers pull-outs to meet every demand. Maximum functionality combined with stunning design.

Pocket systems allow you to open up and close off entire spaces.


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