DYNALOG makes planning and ordering easy

Update your DYNALOG software

Our DYNALOG UPDATER allows our customers and partners to continuously update their DYNALOG software for planning cabinets and ordering Blum fittings.

The only prerequisite is that customers must have installed and registered copy of DYNALOG (2.5 or later)! To find out what version you are currently using, go to the [About DYNALOG] button in the DYNALOG main menu.

This service is multilingual. Updates can be downloaded for free. The service offers you:

  • Automatic notification as soon as updates are available
  • The latest software updates and information
  • 3D CAD interface between DYNAPLAN and AutoCAD (DYNALOG 2.7 or higher and AutoCAD full version)
  • Available online 24/7

All customers and partners will be immediately informed of new updates, if their copy of DYNALOG is connected to the internet.

Starting up the DYNALOG UPDATER

To download the updates, please click on the [Internet Update] button from the main menu within DYANLOG, this will take you to our DYNALOG Updater interface.

DYNALOG updates on DVD

DYNALOG updates DVDs are also available on request, either by e-mail or fax. What we need from you is your address and the serial number of your DYNALOG version. You will find the serial number on the original packaging, or click on the [i] icon in the DYNALOG main menu to read the number.

DYNALOG hotline

If you have any questions, please call our DYNALOG hotline. To find your country number, click the [Hotline Addresses] button in the DYNALOG main menu.

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