Product quality

For us, product quality is not just about design and function. Our fittings suit a wide range of applications and can be assembled and installed with utmost precision.

Requirement research

Blum products deliver convenience to furniture and make everyday life easier. We carry out kitchen surveys all over the world so that we can analyse and optimise typical routines. We only develop products that are needed, that meet kitchen users’ requirements and last a long time.

 More about requirement research

Every kitchen user covers more than 1,500 km in 20 years.

Trend surveys

We carry out comprehensive trend research so that you can include the furniture of tomorrow in your range today. We monitor changes to modern living worlds, watch which furniture trends come and go - and which stay. Our fittings help you manufacture top quality trendy furniture.

Input from customers

The quality of a fitting depends on sellability and ease of installation and adjustment. Our engineers always base product developments on the value-added chain of our customers. Working with industrial customers and cabinet makers is the best investment we can make to safeguard the quality of our products.


Our product ideas have to prove their suitability for everyday use very early on in the development phase. We do not only rely on computer simulations. Prototypes of our products are used in kitchen labs, where test subjects or we ourselves prepare food. We use the insights gained to optimise our product concepts.

All in all, kitchen drawers, pull-outs, doors and wall cabinets are opened and closed more than 80 times a day.

Single part manufacturing

Our fittings are small in size but huge in function. The CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge, for example, consists of 58 components that are finely tuned to each other. Every micron matters if you want to achieve great feats of engineering. That is why we specify dimensional requirements and define the quality of materials for every single component. Adherence to requirements is constantly checked during production.

Blum holds more than 2,100 patents worldwide.

Machines and plants

At Blum, the objective of quality management is to produce quality and not simply check it after manufacturing. We develop many of the machines and plants at our production sites ourselves so that we can meet these high quality standards. Thanks to standardised test requirements and automated test rigs, we can manufacture minuscule parts in large quantities to a consistent quality standard.

Quality controls

We use special measuring equipment that is geared to our products to check the quality of parts at hundreds of control points in production. We make much of the equipment ourselves and work together with manufacturers to develop core technologies. 26,000 different types of testing equipment are employed at Blum worldwide - from simple callipers to computer tomography.

More than 26,000 pieces of testing and measuring equipment are used at Blum worldwide.

External testing institutes and organisations 

Our products are in line with international standards and guidelines. To this end, we work closely with external testing institutes and organisations. However, we can only meet our own quality standards (which are frequently higher than those stipulated) because our employees strive for top quality. Everyone makes a contribution - from the initial idea to the finished product.

Motion and load tests

Our research has shown how hard the rigours of everyday use can be. Hinges, lift systems, box and runner systems by Blum continue to provide powerful functionality under severe conditions. They prove this by passing our stringent motion and load tests. And we only launch products that have gone through our meticulous testing process, as do our customers and partners in the furniture industry worldwide.

Tests on hinges comprise 200,000 opening and closing cycles.

Corrosion test

A further feature of Blum products is the surface finish of components. To test the long service life of our fittings, we put them through extreme heat, water and salt exposure. This is how we simulate 20 years of use within just a few hours. Once we have fully exploited potential for improvement in our lab, the fittings are ready to be employed in furniture.

Inhouse inspection and testing standards

Material testing

Be it nylon or steel, we use different testing procedures to check the quality of the material used for individual components and finished products. Special testing equipment is employed to simulate ageing, fatigue and a wide range of climatic conditions. Depending on the market, these are the conditions our fittings will be exposed to for many years.

How to identify original Blum products

There's motion, and then there's motion. Quality lies in attention to detail. The function and durability of Blum fittings are designed to inspire you on a daily basis. Make sure you’ve got original Blum products. Find out what to look out for here.

 Distinguishing features and functions

ISO certification

We work with renowned independent testing institutes and organisations so that our products and services meet their standards and requirements. What’s more, we have our own internal standards which are higher than external ones. Blum’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001.

 Certificates at a glance

AEO certification

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status is a quality mark indicating that Blum’s role in the international supply chain is secure. We’re happy to deal with customs clearance for our customers and suppliers. To simplify and expedite customs, safety and security procedures, we attained a combined AEO certificate (AEOF) which is recognised by the European Commission.


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