Helping you plan, use and market AVENTOS HS

Assembly videos

AVENTOS HS short film

This product snippet shows the motion, the variable stop and the different cover cap colours of AVENTOS HS.

AVENTOS image video

Background information on the development of AVENTOS


This video shows the easy assembly of the AVENTOS HS lift system.

AVENTOS HS adjustment options

The adjustment options for height, side and depth of the front are shown in this sequence.

EXPANDO T for thin fronts

This assembly video shows the assembly of thin fronts with EXPANDO T. The fixing method for CLIP top BLUMOTION 155°, AVENTOS HK top and LEGRABOX is shown.

Presentation video for AVENTOS HF, HS, HL and HK top

Presentation of the AVENTOS lift systems HF, HS, HL and HK top